February 03, 2021

LinkedIn Marketing Labs Launched with 6 Free Advertising Courses

LinkedIn has launched a LinkedIn Marketing Labs, a brand new on-demand learning center for marketers and advertisers.

With the launch of LinkedIn marketing Labs, you will also find free resources to learn how you should advertise effectively on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing Labs Launched with 6 Free Advertising Courses: eAskme
LinkedIn Marketing Labs Launched with 6 Free Advertising Courses: eAskme

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LinkedIn Marketing Labs is your place to learn how to use LinkedIn marketing Tools.

If you want to learn effective strategies to grow your business on LinkedIn, then LinkedIn Marketing Labs will help you.

Here, I am sharing everything about LinkedIn Marketing Labs.

What Are LinkedIn Marketing Labs?

LinkedIn Marketing Labs offer courses from different in-house sources.

LinkedIn experts develop these courses to teach the best LinkedIn advertising strategies.

From introductory level to intermediate, you will find courses for everyone.

Each course provides step by step learning to ensure the better understanding of LinkedIn marketing.

Why LinkedIn Marketing Labs?

The main idea behind LinkedIn Marketing Labs is to help marketers drive 5times more conversion than landing pages.

People convert 6times more when they see the message on LinkedIn.

But the fact is no every single user has the similar ability to get maximum out of LinkedIn ads.

To ensure that members follow the best strategies when advertising on LinkedIn, Marketing Labs, is there.

Here people can learn the latest trends.

What is There in LinkedIn Marketing Labs for you?

LinkedIn Marketing Labs is the portal of online courses created for marketers to learn LinkedIn ads best practices.

These courses will help you improve your LinkedIn ad strategies and how to use LinkedIn marketing tools.

LinkedIn user can access all the courses from LinkedIn marketing labs.

Here is the complete list of Initial courses offered by LinkedIn Marketing Labs:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads

  • Using LinkedIn's Ad Targeting

  • Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads

  • Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

  • Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness

  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

For each course, there is an assessment test to test your knowledge.

Text and videos make the courses impressive and easily digestible. You will find multiple sub-courses or parts in each course.

For example; If you choose "Using LinkedIn's Ad Targeting," you will see everything covered in that course.

  • Summary
  • Pre-Course Self-Assessment (Optional)

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Targeting
    • Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

  • How LinkedIn Targeting Works
    • Audience Targeting Driven by a Members’ Profile

    • Two ways to Target on LinkedIn

    • When to use AND-OR Targeting

    • Match Your Marketing Objectives to Your Targeting

    • Knowledge Check

  • Audience Attributes
    • Audience Attributes Available

    • How to Target by Audience Attributes

    • Knowledge Check

  • Matched Audiences
    • How to Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences

    • Retargeting

    • Contact Targeting

    • Company Targeting

    • Data Integrations with LinkedIn Marketing Partners

    • How to Reach Members with Similar Professional Characteristics

    • Knowledge Check

  • Targeting Demo
    • Targeting Set Up

    • View your Forecasted Results

    • Knowledge Check

  • Optimizing your targeting strategy
    • Best Practices

    • Knowledge Check

  • Course review
    • Course review

    • Survey

    • Congratulations!


There is no certificate or reward that you will receive if you complete these courses.

But learning the best practices to maximize your ad's result is itself an art that you must know.

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Stay tuned with us to stay updated.

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