January 20, 2021

4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers

By Sona Mathews

SEO is, to put it mildly, a broad field. Indeed, there are dozens of ways that organizations can optimize their site for performance on search engines.

This includes practices like web design, copywriting, website maintenance, and link-building to name a few.

4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers: eAskme
4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers: eAskme

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As such, it’s no surprise that many organizations have to team up with SEO freelancers from time to time to complete certain projects and increase their site visibility.

With that in mind, today we’ll focus on how business leaders can effectively hire, manage, and collaborate with SEO expert freelancers now and in the future.

4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers

Vet their Credentials

Unfortunately, virtually anyone can claim to be an “expert” in SEO. While it may be tempting to take a freelancer on their word, don’t.

Instead, review their CV, ask to see examples of their previous work, and –– if possible –– contact old employers for additional references and perspective.

Too many individuals online will falsely claim to have experience or expertise on SEO-related matters.

So always be careful when you decide to bring on a freelancer at first!

Provide Context

Just because a freelancer is an SEO expert, it doesn’t mean they understand your business, your customers, or even your priorities.

As such, it’s crucial for business leaders to communicate important information about their company before they assign tasks to freelancers.

For example, a company that performs foot surgery may need to explain the basics of a bunionectomy to their new freelance writer.

While many freelancers are happy to learn new things and perform research on their own, giving them context to start will definitely help get the relationship off to a good start.


Want to ensure that you and your freelancer are always on the same page?

Then you need to communicate with them clearly and frequently.

Let your freelancer know key due dates, expectations for project size and quality, and always keep them abreast of any changes that may occur during the process.

Freelancers may be talented, but they’re not clairvoyant!

Build Trust

Hiring an unproven freelancer at the last minute to assist your team with a vital project, is –– obviously –– less than ideal. It’s a poor business practice to hire new freelancers to take on important projects.

Rather than only hiring freelancers out of desperation, it’s much better to build up relationships with freelancers over time.

By giving a few freelancers assignments of increasing complexity and importance over time, you can build trust and ensure quality performance.

That’s why professionals should embrace working with freelancers now. One day, you may need their help!

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