January 20, 2021

4 Tips for Writing an Effective Newsletter

Newsletters present a great opportunity for businesses to stay connected with their best leads and customers.

Unlike blogs or other forms of written content, newsletters allow businesses to directly communicate with quality leads again and again.

4 Tips for Writing an Effective Newsletter: eAskme
4 Tips for Writing an Effective Newsletter: eAskme

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However, as with all marketing efforts, quality can make a big difference in terms of the success –– or lack thereof –– of your company’s newsletter.

To that end, today we’ll share four tips that will help you craft a compelling newsletter that your digital community will always want to read.

4 Tips for Writing an Effective Newsletter

Keep it Relevant

First and foremost, newsletters need to be relevant to subscribers to generate positive results.

This means that marketers have to be careful about the type of content they create and updates they provide in their newsletter.

A coworker’s birthday, for example, is not relevant information that subscribers need to know about.

What’s more, newsletters should be focused on a particular topic or problem.

It’s okay to touch on multiple subjects in the same newsletter, but they should all be connected by a common theme.

Give Yourself Time

Some business leaders may feel pressure to generate a new newsletter every month –– or in some instances –– even more often.

This can be problematic, though. Newsletters should ideally contain new information about your company, your products, or your services.

And if you can’t deliver relevant news to your subscribers in every newsletter, they’ll likely ignore your efforts.

As such, don’t be afraid to space out your newsletters.

It’s better to write five compelling and engaging newsletters a year than 20 boring and counterproductive ones.

Incentivize Your Content

Businesses act to solve problems.

Whether your company specializes in fixing bunions or protecting sensitive data, your newsletter should provide real value for your customers.

A quality newsletter should include links and  references to other elements of your marketing strategy such as special offers, coupon codes, or even content for further reading.

If you never give your customers a reason to read your newsletter, they won’t.

Curate Your List

Newsletters can be effective in large part because they allow marketers to speak directly to qualified leads and repeat customers.

However, not everyone who signs up for your newsletter will prove to be a quality lead in the long run.

Though it might seem odd at first, marketers need to ensure that they’re only reaching out to consumers with a serious interest in their company.

Email marketing is most effective when it’s tailored to a specific group of people.

So having a large subscriber base doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

Ultimately, it’s more cost-effective to curate your newsletter subscriber list and to focus on the individuals most likely to  convert in the future.

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