October 09, 2022

Why and How You Should Update your Link Building Strategy in 2024

A mistake many digital marketers make is to put a strategy in place and thinking that’s the end of it. The truth is, SEO is a dynamic and shifting industry that’s changing all the time.

For example, in September 2019, Google made big changes to how they treat outbound links. Earlier in the year, Google also shifted to mobile-first indexing. These are just two examples of how Google keeps SEO experts on their toes with shifting ranking factors.

Google is trying to make marketers care more about what makes great content and user experiences. This means their PageRank algorithms will continuously change as people’s habits and needs change.

That also means you need to adapt your strategies directly to consumers.
  • Where do they go to get content?
  • Which links do they follow?
  • What are the latest trends?
 These continuously change, and so should your strategies and techniques.

How to update your link building strategy for 2024?

Why and How You Should Update your Link Building Strategy in 2022: eAskme
Why and How You Should Update your Link Building Strategy in 2024: eAskme

Guest post on other platforms and allow guest posting on your blog:

Despite misplaced fears that guest posting is dead, we’re glad to report that’s not the case. Guest posting is still a fantastic way to:
  • Get free exposure
  • Establish an industry reputation, and
  • Create high-conversion backlinks
As mentioned, it’s just important that you follow Google’s link building guidelines. Don’t be too spammy and keep your links relevant and valuable.

The advantages of guest posting can also go the other way around. If other brands or industry figures write on your site, they will also share it on their blog or social media.

 This can be picked up by others, increasing links to your website.

Guest posting can be a bit more challenging than writing on your own blog. You have to find great platforms, pitch your idea, and stick to their editorial policies.

More and more small businesses find themselves in need of guest posting services to help them make it feasible.

Engage with influencers:

Influencers have earned that name for a reason. They have vast audiences that trust their opinions and recommendations.

Getting a share from them on social media can lead to fantastic rolling benefits.

You can directly contact influencers in your niche and inform them of articles or content they might want to read (and share).

However, be careful for paying for these as it may be counted as a link scheme by Google. You can also tag influencers in attractive posts in hopes of a shoutout.

Create shareable content:

Notice that we said “create” and not “write.” That’s because it’s becoming more important every year to include visual media as part of your content strategy.

Research shows that video is one of the favorite things for readers to share on social media.

Another study by BuzzSumo also shows that infographics are the most popular type of text content to share.

Certain types of articles also perform better than others. Top lists… and how to guide articles are extremely “clickable” and “shareable” by influencers, blogs, or on social media. It’s time to give the people what they want.

Labeling links appropriately:

If your links aren’t too promotional and you haven’t paid for them, you don’t have to follow this guideline.

However, if they are, you should qualify links as such so that Google ignores them. Not doing so can be seen as a “link scheme” by Google and they can penalize your PageRank for it.

You can tag links as “nofollow” or as “sponsored” content and Google will either not follow it or treat it appropriately.

Replace broken links:

Yes, this old faithful strategy is still valid as ever. Google punishes broken links and editors that are pressed-for-time can be grateful for a high-quality, relevant piece of content to replace broken outbound links falling right in their lap.

To get the most out of this method, make sure your content is high-quality and that you approach relevant guest posting sites.

Not doing so, will probably get your rejected and even punished by Google.

More tips for 2023 and beyond:

The most important tip for 2023 is to keep creating the best content you can.

Googles PageRank algorithm is getting smarter by the byte it collects.

It’s becoming increasingly adept at identifying valuable content and weeding out the very good fakes.

Any link building strategy will still rely heavily on the quality of your content as the foundation to build on.

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