August 01, 2022

How to Type Ɛ in a quick and easy way to Type Backward 3

What is the Backward 3 symbol?

Backward 3 looks like reverse 3 symbol. It is popularly used on social media sites to display love symbol.

How to Type Ɛ in a quick and easy way: eAskme
How to Type Ɛ in a quick and easy way to type reverse 3: eAskme

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Ɛ is the symbol that we mostly use to type heart in text format. It is also known as the reverse 3 symbol.

When you type reverse three symbol Ɛ with > and post it on any social media chat or channels, it will take the heart's shape.

How to Type Backward 3 Symbol that looks like Ɛ?

It is relatively easy to type Ɛ symbol.

Here are the easiest ways to type Backward 3;

1st method to type backward 3:

Copy Ɛ from here and past it where you want.

2nd method to type backward 3:

  • You can use ALT+X. For this first type, "0190." Then Select 0190 and press ALT+X
  • It will transform the 0190 number to Ɛ symbol.

3rd method to type backward 3 symbol:

  • Open Google Docs or Microsoft Word document.
  • Click the" Insert" tab.
  • Now, you will see a list of symbols and characters.
  • Choose backward 3 symbol Ɛ from there. You should use Times New Roman or Arial font for this.

What is the use of reverse 3 symbol?

The most common use of the reverse three symbols is to display love when chatting with friends or making social media posts.

Most of the people from generation are using reverse 3 symbol.

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