March 16, 2021

Why Students Avoid Essay Writing And Understanding Of It

By Sona Mathews

Nowadays, education represents one of the most important things in the development of peoples’ personalities. Students not only learn, but they are also growing as individuals through attending colleges and high school.

There are a lot of different reasons why being a student is so valuable.

Learning new things, improving many abilities, developing communication skills, etc.

However, one particular skill that students are often struggling with is writing.

Why Students Avoid Essay Writing And Understanding Of It: eAskme
Why Students Avoid Essay Writing And Understanding Of It: eAskme

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Writing essays is an activity that is much appreciated today, especially in colleges.

Students are often required to provide a good piece of essay due to multiple reasons.

But the problem is that they avoid writing it. Instead, they are hiring experts to write the essay for their sake.

In a modern world, there are plenty of essay writing services online that students prefer to use.

Maybe that is the reason why they often avoid writing some of their own.

We will be focusing on the reasons why students avoid writing essays and what are the causes of it.

Stress And The Feeling Of A Burden

Something that students state as one of the reasons for their lack of interest in writing an essay is because it gives them a sense of carrying a burden.

It is sad to hear it but the truth sometimes hurts.

And the truth is that they consider essay writing as some heavy burden that their bodies cannot overcome.

It is often the case that students speak about how stressful and annoying writing can be for them.

Many of them don’t see the value of it and are focused on other things.

One gets the impression that they are writing it just because a professor tells them to or it is an inseparable part of a specific subject.

Many of them are not even interested to try writing it.

It represents big stress to them and they simply don’t like to feel that way, like every normal human being after all.

Students Have No Time For Writing

It may sound silly when you hear it on the first ball, but students often have no time to dedicate to writing the essay.

At that age when everything passes beside you in a blink of a second and you are in a constant hurry, they can’t give enough time to write. Typical students’ life is going that way.

It is some kind of a one-way street that often inflicts headaches on the students.

They are in obligation to fulfill numerous tasks each day, especially if they are employed which is often the case for the student.

And because they are in the move all the time during the day, it is hard to find enough free space to commit to essay writing.

Students are focused on learning, finding the right sources for it, attending classes, working, or doing a hobby.

It is even hard to take some time for social life and hanging out with friends.

That’s why essay writing becomes thrown away and irrelevant to them.

Simply put, the majority of students consider other things more valuable and dedicate their time to working on them, instead of “boring” writing.

As a student's life is full of events and things that go around rapidly, they will be thinking that writing is not particularly interesting.

Truth to be told, that is the case when a student doesn't understand the meaning of writing and what that activity will bring them.

They are not aware of its importance and the value of it is low in their eyes.

Hiring Of The Professionals

Students oftentimes find themselves in a position when they have the opportunity of making choices.

Speaking of essay writing, some of them will try and seek the easiest possible solution.

It is a common thing that they will give the best of themselves to do the thing they are not interested in, in the most bizarre way.

When this is the case, a student will rather search online to hire the most suitable essay writing companies’ writers.

While considering it, they are often wondering what is the best website for essay writing and how they can find it.

Luckily for them, hundreds of writing companies are 24/7 at their disposal.

They can hire an expert to write the text according to their requirements and simply buy an essay.

We will all agree that it is truly a smart choice that the student can make.

By doing it, they can save their time for things they value more.

However, the only material they will need is paper. And by it, we are thinking of money, of course.

Although their budgets are tight and limited, for only $10 to $15 they can find the extraordinary piece of paper.

As a matter of fact, they don’t have to worry about the quality of it as it will be written by a professional writer.

It is what those people do for a living and that’s why it brings students peaceful nights.

Lack Of Confidence

Something that students frequently fight with is getting the appropriate confidence.

And if you want to write an essay, it will be impossible to do it without having a belief in yourself.

Sometimes, writing essays is reminiscent of sports competitions.

They require self-confidence to achieve the biggest results.

Students don’t believe they can do it on their own. It can be the cause of not having a proper experience though.

When you are a newbie, everything seems so hard to manage.

That is how students feel when writing an essay comes to their mind.

They are not confident and determined enough to cope with their fears.

If you belong to the same group, you must work on it and change it.

Talents are natural and can appear out of nowhere.

But students are not aware of that fact and don’t like to even give it a try. Once you face it, you will realize how easy it can actually be!


We tried to help you to better understand why students avoid writing essays.

These are only some of the reasons for it. If a student doesn't have the will for writing, everything is in vain.

It is not a positive thing to do something by force.

Students realize that and don’t like to take risks if they don’t have to.

Let’s hope it will change for the better in the future!

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