December 12, 2023

What Is Competition Analysis?: Everything that You Should Know is Here

What is Competition Analysis?” This is one of the most common questions in the SEO world. Especially when you are a newbie in SEO industry.
One of the most common jobs of every SEO professional or expert is to keep both eyes open and track the activities of his competitors.

Competition analysis opens the doors of massive opportunities to boost social signals, backlinks, traffic and conversion.

Competition Analysis:

What Is Competition Analysis?: Everything that You Should Know is Here: eAskme
What Is Competition Analysis?: Everything that You Should Know is Here: eAskme

SEO competition analysis is an essential part of a mature SEO strategy.

With the help of SEO competitor analysis, you can quickly gather highly useful data such as competitor keywords, links, content, and on-page optimization strategies.

The big reason why you should perform competition analysis regularly is to track the online activity and SEO strategies of your competitors.

Without competition analysis, your SEO strategy will lack the power of more in-depth research.

Without analyzing your competitors, you will not be able to find how the brands are targeting the customers in your industry.

There are the following reasons why you should perform competition analysis:

An SEO expert focus on three major areas when doing competition analysis;

To get maximum out of your competition analysis, it is necessary to focus on these elements.

Today, I will share how you can use competitive analysis factors for the benefit of your business.

What works and what’s not:

To quickly create a full-proof SEO strategy, it is must to analyze the industry leaders and how they are working.

You should know that brands dedicate their focus entirely on developing a robust SEO strategy that will help them to earn links and stay on the first spot in SERP.

Such websites always have creative content, valuable links and crawlable website.

It is common that most of the ties you can find flaws in their strategies.

And, this is what you need to figure out.

Focus on the weaknesses of your competitors and learn how you can leverage those weaknesses for the growth of your business, blog or website. This will help you achieve new heights in SERP.
Find out what is working for your competitors.

For example; as an eCommerce business, you want to beat a shop in your local area.

This is where you are limiting yourself.

Taking a narrow approach will bring limited results.

Never limit your competitor analysis to one competitor only. To develop a robust SEO strategy, your focus should be on analyzing all the top-ranking competitors.

Analyze the top-ranking competitors, their websites, how they are building links where they are promoting their business, and how they are generating revenue.

The broader approach in competition analysis will make you create content that will appeal not only the search engines but customers also. With the help of competitor analysis, you can collect all the necessary data and information which is required to create the most influential piece of content.

This broader approach will also help you become an influencer in your industry, and your research will make you discover many facts and tactics that others are not following.

This is the big reason why you should perform an in-depth competition analysis regularly.

Stop Guessing and Start Analyzing:

Guessing has no spot in the SEO industry.

You are not into the betting world, but you are in a professional world of tactics, experience and skills.

Make sure; your in-depth SEO analysis is based on real facts, factors and strategies.

The success of your SEO also depends upon how you are analyzing these factors.

Your job is to collect the data and refind it to reach the first spot in Google search.

If you rely on guessing game, then you will surely miss critical competition analysis factors.

Avoid this.

Guessing only work if you are doing it for the hobby. But where the money comes into play, you need to focus on real-time data, skills and experience.

Your competitor analysis will make you shake hands with two significant terms such as;

  • Keyword Gap Analysis

  • Content Gap Analysis

What is the Content Gap Analysis?

There was a time when online business was a new thing, and competition analysis was not necessary.

This was the time when the market was not saturated, and SEO was adding keywords and write unstructured content to create a well-performing SEO strategy.

But now, this is not what you can even dream about.

Now you are in the world of in-depth competitor analysis where you need to analyze content gap and keyword gaps.

Content Gap Analysis will help you discover if your content;
  • Is Outdated

  • Is lacking in-depth knowledge

  • Is lacking content uniqueness

  • Is not easy to digest
Your detailed content gap analysis will show you what you have and what you are missing. Use this data to create engaging content.

The research will help you enrich your content with all the necessary factors and represent high authority content.

This will increase the number of social shares, link backs and the number of followers.

What is Keyword Gap Analysis?

The keyword gap analysis will help you find out all the important keywords that should be there in your content, but you are not utilizing them.

It will open keyword mining opportunities.

A keyword gap analysis will also help you target more customers who are interested in the similar topic.

You can also create an unbeatable strategy to beat you, competitors, with the help of keyword gap analysis.

How Your Competitors are Earning Links?

Finding link building opportunities are critical for every online business and SEO.

You can use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic or SEMRush, to reach the link profile of your competitors.

Remember: These tools will not show you a complete picture as they have some limitation, and most of them will display you what is there from the last 90 days.

You should broader your research to understand your competitors link profile.

Find out:

  • How many links your competitors already have?

  • What is backlink history?

  • Links from .org, .net, .edu and .gov, etc.

  • Top ranking page and most linked pages.
This information will help you to understand better what your competitors are doing.


One thing that you should keep in your mind is that you cannot get a 100% answer to what your competitors are doing.

Yet, competition analysis will give you data that will help you better understand their strategies and what is working for them.

You can find out what your competitor is doing and track every network where they are performing shares, link building and promotions.

Now, put together all the pieces of your research and create a chart or report based on your competition analysis.

Remember: You can only beat your competitors but not the algorithm.

Final Words:

Competition analysis plays a vital role in the success of an SEO strategy.

Your focus on these three major completion analysis elements will create your journey to success or failure.

Technical SEO, links and content research will help you create evergreen and highly original pieces of content.

The research will also increase the knowledge that will help you analyze different competitors quickly and create better campaigns.

Once you can leverage the weaknesses of your competitors, you can easily outrank any business or competitor.

Do you track your competitors?

What is your strategy to outrank your competitors?

Do share via comments.

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