6 Ways to Earn Money with Just Your Phone

The fact that we can do so many things through our phones today is a wonder of the modern age.

In fact, the word phone has almost become a misnomer, as the “telephone” functionality is such a small part of what our handsets do.

6 Ways to Earn Money with Just Your Phone: eAskme
6 Ways to Earn Money with Just Your Phone: eAskme

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We use them to surf the internet, to watch movies, to do our banking, to go shopping and to store our music collections, to give just a few examples.

But how about adding “to go to work” to that list?

The concept of remote working is familiar to everyone, especially after the events of 2020, but it’s usually assumed to demand at the very least a laptop.

Here are six ways you can generate income using only your trusty handset.

Trading and investment apps

Fancy yourself as a Wolf of Wall Street?

There are dozens of trading apps out there that can get you started buying and selling stocks, Forex and even cryptocurrency.

Trading and investment apps: eAskme

There’s also a whole lot of misinformation that can leave newcomers unsure what to believe.

Let’s start with the bad news.

Apps in themselves will not make you money and there are plenty of charlatans out there trying to tempt the unwary with bogus automated trading software that all but guarantees a profit.

Having said that, with the right software and a solid trading strategy, you can make good money trading if you know what you are doing – and you can do it from a mobile handset as easily as from anywhere else.

Just remember there are three things to get right – the app, the strategy and knowing what you are doing. So invest time into all these things and start slow. Get it right, and it could turn into something good.

Buy and sell

Stocks and Forex are not the only things you can buy and sell online.

If you have an eye for a bargain, there are plenty to be found online and you can turn a profit if you’re in the right place at the right time.

Platforms like Poshmark and Vestiaire Collection are great places for selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

There are plenty of amateur dealers who buy brand new items when they are on sale, either from the online stores or at outlets, and then sell them privately with the tags still intact as new and unworn.

If you’re not a fashionista, there are plenty of other niches, from rare books to classic car parts. The important thing is to understand the products and the market.

Gamble (with free money)

We’ve all heard about online casinos and how popular they are.

On the face of it, going to a casino to make money sounds like one of the worst ideas in the world.

After all, everyone’s heard the adage that the house always wins. But what if you’re gambling with the casino’s money and not yours?

Plenty offer generous welcome bonuses and you can visit NoDepositHero for a list of the best Android no deposit casinos that will make your gambling session risk-free.

Just keep in mind that accessing that free money is about more than just placing some bets and cashing in any wins.

Keep an eye on the wagering requirement, which tells you how many times you have to re-bet the free money before you can withdraw it.

Sell photos

There is an insatiable demand for images online of anything and everything.

More than five million blog posts are published every day and most of these are accompanied by at least one image.

Snap what you see, whether it’s a beautiful sunset or just your garden shed, and it will be just the image that someone needs.

There are several platforms where you can register, upload your images and they take care of the rest.

Getty Images and Shutterstock are the big names, but Foap is also a good choice and is specifically tailored to smartphone photography.

Teach a language

Most people dream of learning another language, and English is in particularly high demand.

There are several mobile apps where you can make money through tuition, and in many cases, you don’t have to have experience or even to be a native speaker of the language you are teaching.

Popular ones include Palfish, English Ninjas and The Talk List. It’s quick and easy to register, and you can typically earn something in the region of $10 per hour.

As well as being a handy way to earn money, it’s a great first step for anyone looking to gain experience before embarking on a more formalized teaching career.

Customer service

If your image of working in a call center involves sitting in an open plan office at a tiny desk wearing a headset, sat a screen and surrounded by 100 similar souls, think again.

Today, it’s all about remote working and mobile connectivity.

In other words, your smartphone can deliver everything you need to allow you to undertake the role from the comfort of your own home.

These days, they are more commonly known as contact centers than call centers, as so many customers prefer to communicate by instant chat, WhatsApp or other similar platforms, but these can all be hooked together from your handset.

And industry experts believe that while the unprecedented events of 2020 prompted the shift to remote working, most businesses will see little benefit in ever returning to the old ways.

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