October 12, 2021

Microsoft Advertising Launched Open Beta for Credit Card Ads

By Sona Mathews

Microsoft has announced the launch of Credit Card ads for advertisers.

Now advertisers from the USA and Canada can use Credit Card ads.

Microsoft Advertising Launches Open Beta for Credit Card Ads: eAskme
Microsoft Advertising Launches Open Beta for Credit Card Ads: eAskme

What Are the Microsoft Credit Card Ads?

Credit card ads are Dynamically generated ads. These are feed-based ads, and one cannot use keywords or content to create ads.

Feeds will have details like signup bonuses, card issuer, annual fees, rewards, and cashback percentages to create credit card ads.

Microsoft wants advertisers to add as many details as possible in feeds to create Credit Card ads.

Where will Credit Card Ads Display?

You can find Credit Card ads on the right side of BING search results with text ads.

Advertisers cannot use keywords, but there are few queries that Credit card ads can display, such as credit level, category, etc.

You should also check the disclaimer as it is a must to show disclaimer in credit card ads.

Credit Card ads auction system is different than text ads.

Advertisers can use both text ads and credit card ads.

Beginning of Credit Card Ads:

Microsoft said that the combination of text ads and credit card ads has increased conversion and decreased CPA.

Advertiser with Credit card ads has seen 46% conversion rate with 70% low CPA.

Starting with Credit Card Ads:

Use this link or visit Microsoft Advertising rep to enroll for Credit Card ads.

The advertiser should provide feed to create Credit Card Ads. The feed should have images and contextual keywords.

Microsoft Recommends that advertisers should use feed schedule.

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