September 29, 2021

Should You Create a Niche or Multi-Niche Website?

Niche or Multi-Niche! Which website or blog works the best?

If you are also starting a new blog/website, you may also have this question in mind.

You can choose either of these.

Should You Create a Niche or Multi-Niche Website?: eAskme
Should You Create a Niche or Multi-Niche Website?: eAskme

As long as you can fill your blog with valuable content and maintain a clear site structure, any option will work for you.

But it is time to dig more details.

Niche or Multi-Niche Website:

Should You Create a Niche or Multi-Niche Website?: eAskme
Should You Create a Niche or Multi-Niche Website?: eAskme

When launching a new blog, there are many things that you should consider.

And, I am sharing everything.

Website Structure:

A strong website structure works like the structure of a building.

Consider your blog as a book and categories as their chapters. Fill each category with valuable content. Make sure that each page connects the same way as chapters connect.

It will help you make easy navigation and logical structure on your blog or website. Clear navigation and strong structure are important for search engine optimization.

Consider this advice for every blog or website you are creating.

The best practice is to create a hierarchical design.

Create Taxonomy of blog topics.

Put the homepage on the top and the rest of the pages hierarchically.

Then optimize them according to keywords.

As you go deep into content, you will create categories and content with specific keywords.

It is wise to follow pillar articles strategy with pyramid website structure.

You will always need this structure, even if you choose a single niche or multi-niche blogging website.

Taxonomy, navigation, internal links, and breadcrumbs help build a strong site structure.

This strategy also helps you build authority for your blogging website.

Work on creating enough content or pages to support each category and subcategories.

Create Categories and Subcategories:

Can you create enough content for each category or subcategories?

To create a hierarchical blogging website, you must create enough content for each category.

Create categories based on the type of content.

Create supporting content for each category and subcategories.

Do keyword research to find informational topics for each category.

In the beginning, you can start with five articles for each category or subcategories.

While researching keywords, you will also find additional topic ideas for each category.

Tools like Keyword Everywhere, SEMrush, and AnswerThePublic will help you find suitable keywords for each topic.


Single niche or multi-niche both blogging sites work in this era of the internet.

All you need is to ensure that you have a solid website structure that is easy to navigate and filled with relevant content.

Keep your focus on creating user-friendly content to please your audience.

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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