September 15, 2020

Breadcrumbs: The SEO Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs on Your Website or Blog

Breadcrumbs on website or blog help the webmasters to improve crawalability and create better UX. Find more about how breadcrumbs impact SEO and why they are essential for your blog or website.

SEO is a complex process. It includes more than content optimization. In-depth content, links, and keywords are the most vital factors of search engine ranking.

Breadcrumbs: The SEO Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs on Your Website or Blog: eAskme
Breadcrumbs: The SEO Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs on Your Website or Blog: eAskme

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Ranking in the top position is like struggling in the restaurant business to stay on the top. But here we are not selling burgers or pizzas, but we are talking about breadcrumbs.

It is not breadcrumbs for chickens but SEO.

For a webmaster, blogger, or SEO professional, breadcrumbs are the navigational feature. It is crucial to display the visitor how far he is from the homepage.

Breadcrumbs play an impactful role in improving user experience and SEO results.

Even now, there are a lot of sites that are still not using breadcrumbs. This is an SEO mistake.

There is no rocket science on how to install the breadcrumbs of your blog or website?

Here I will talk about everything related to Breadcrumbs, such a:

  • What are the breadcrumbs in SEO?
  • How breadcrumbs impact SEO?
  • What are the typical breadcrumbs' mistakes in SEO?

What are the breadcrumbs in SEO?

Breadcrumbs are the navigational links of the website or blog. These help the user to know ho far he is from the homepage of the site.

The typical placement of breadcrumbs is at the top of the page, under the navigation bar.

Like internal links, breadcrumbs make the user stay on the website for a long time and feed them more information.

Here is how breadcrumbs look on some websites:

Breadcrumbs SEO eAskme: Breadcrumbs: The SEO Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs on Your Website or Blog: eAskme

Breadcrumbs also display how the user or reader has landed on the current page or blog post.

If the visitor needs to go back to the previous page, then breadcrumbs will be the first thing he clicks on.

Breadcrumbs are the popular UX feature to improve user experience by improving navigation.

Nowadays, breadcrumbs also play an essential role in impacting your blog or website's SEO performance.


Here is how:

Google search results display breadcrumbs to display category information. Even the Google search console has added the new Google structured data report for breadcrumbs.

So, your takeaway is that breadcrumbs help Google easily navigate, categorize your blog or website, and improve user experience.

Now you understand the importance of breadcrumbs in SEO. Let's move to the different types of Breadcrumbs in blogging or SEO.

Types of Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs are different according to the purpose they serve.

The most common types of breadcrumbs are:

  • Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs
  • History-Based Breadcrumbs
  • Location-based Breadcrumbs/ Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs

Most of the ecommerce websites are using attribute-based breadcrumbs. This helps them display the attributes that the visitor has clicked to land on the final page.

For example: Home> Electronics> Smartphones> iPhone

History-Based Breadcrumbs

History-Based Breadcrumbs works similarly to what you can see in your browser history.

For example: if you are on a new website and read multiple articles, then breadcrumbs will display like this: Home> Article1> Article 2> Article 3

Location-based Breadcrumbs/ Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

The most commonly used breadcrumbs are based on location or hierarchy. This type of breadcrumbs displays where the visitor is and how he/she can go back to the homepage.

For example: eAskme>SEO Tools> 200+ SEO Tools
Now, as you understand the different types of breadcrumbs in SEO, the next thing is to understand the major benefits of using breadcrumbs for SEO.

Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs for SEO:

Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs for SEO: eAskme

Now you may still have the question of what breadcrumbs will do?

Here is what you need to know.

Breadcrumbs improve UX:

Breadcrumbs are essential for a better user experience. They also make the user browse different sections of the blog or website.

For example, if you want to learn more about Nestle's brands, you need to go to their history page.

Breadcrumbs will make it easy for you to navigate between About Us, Homepage, and History page.

It is an easy way to make the user visit multiple pages.

Breadcrumbs Improve Ranking:

Breadcrumbs not only make the user happy but Google also.

If you please the user and the search engine, the result will be better than your expectations.

Google developers page says that the user breadcrumbs to contextualize and categorize the content. 

Google started using breadcrumbs in 2018 and made them essential for all the bloggers, webmasters, and SEOs.

Breadcrumbs display where the page on your website is located.

Breadcrumbs are not only for brands and big websites but also useful for bloggers, marketers, and work from home people.

According to the recent case study, breadcrumbs can help you rank in Google's top 10 results.

Keep the visitor on blog/website longer:

Bounce rate is the headache for every online business, blog, or website. Though it is not the direct ranking factor, yet it is essential to improve user experience.

Problems with UX can also cause the high bounce rate, and breadcrumbs is the solution.

For example, you are on a shopping website to buy a pair of shoes but landed on the tiger skin shoe. Breadcrumbs will help you to go back to the main page and navigate again to the right category.

It is excellent because it stops the user from leaving the site and heading back to Google again.

This is the way to harness the power of breadcrumb.

The Moz case study shows that after making specific changes and adding breadcrumbs, they have seen drastic traffic growth.

How to Install Breadcrumbs in a WordPress Blog or Website?

Installing breadcrumbs in a WordPress blog is relatively easy.

Here are few quick and easy ways to add breadcrumbs to your WordPress site:

Yoast SEO for Breadcrumbs:

If your website is on WordPress, then you might already be using the Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast plugin makes it easy to add breadcrumbs to your blog or website.

  • Just go to the WordPress Website
  • Click on "SEO."
  • Click on "Search Appearance."
  • Click on the 'Breadcrumbs' tab
  • Toggle the 'Breadcrumbs' switch.
  • configure the settings
  • Save changes

WordPress Plugins for BreadCrumbs:

If you are not using Yoast SEO, then there are many other plugins that you can use to implement breadcrumbs in your WordPress site.

Just go to the WordPress site, search for the Breadcrumbs plugin, and Install the most trusted plugin with better ranking and the maximum number of installs.

WooCommerce Breadcrumb Plugin:

If you are using WooCommerce, then WooCommerce Breadcrumb Plugin is the right choice for you.

This plugin will help you to change the style of WooCommerce breadcrumbs.

If you are using a premium WordPress theme, you can also have a built-in breadcrumb feature for your blog or website.

But if you are running a website on Squarespace or Wix, you have to add breadcrumbs manually.

When using breadcrumbs, there are a few common mistakes that you must avoid.

4 Common Mistakes When Using Breadcrumbs for SEO

It is relatively easy to implement breadcrumbs on your blog or website. This will quickly improve the UV and SEO results.

But there are times when breadcrumbs can damage your website.

Must know and avoid these breadcrumbs mistakes.

Don't trick the font:

When using breadcrumbs on your website, do not change the font to too big or too small.

This will hinder the user experience.

Don't copy Navigation Bar:

Make sure that your breadcrumbs will not repeat the navigation bar.

Do not remove the navigation bar:

Do not replace the navigation bar with breadcrumbs.

Choose the Right breadcrumbs for your website or blog:

I have already talked about different types of breadcrumbs and where you should use them. Choose wisely.

Final Words:

Breadcrumbs bring add-on benefits.

Using the right breadcrumbs will help your site stand out in the crowd of other sites.

They do not guarantee to boost your organic traffic, but they will surely improve user experience.

The best thing is that installing breadcrumbs is easy. These will make the user stay longer on your blog/website and read more blog post.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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