November 22, 2021

6 Reasons Buying a Smartwatch is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health

From smartphones to smartwatches, our world is now filled with intelligent devices that can do various tasks that are beneficial for us.

A smartwatch, for instance, can help track everything from steps per day to heart rate and calories burned.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, modern-day smartwatches have become even more versatile.

6 Reasons Buying a Smartwatch is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health: eAskme
6 Reasons Buying a Smartwatch is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health: eAskme

For instance, the new Huawei Watch Fit comes with 97 workout modes and 12 professional sports modes, allowing you to track every activity of yours precisely.

It also has a Huawei TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology to monitor your heart rate during the day or while you're sleeping.

Make sure to check the Huawei Watch Fit new price before you purchase it online or offline.

However, these are not the only reasons to buy a smartwatch. Here are the six major ways a smartphone can benefit your health.

1 – Track Your Daily Activity:

Track Your Daily Activity: eAskme

Irrespective of your current fitness status, you need to walk certain steps and stay healthy.

When everyone is working from home and barely going out, it is vital to ramp up your overall daily activities to stay fit.

A smartwatch can help you track your daily activities and help meet your fitness goals.

Apart from the steps, it can track various activities like running, swimming, cycling, rope jumping, and more. These activities burn more calories than walking and are a great way to begin your fitness journey.

You can also measure how well you are improving over time and set realistic targets.

2- Keep an Eye on Your Heart Rate:

Keep an Eye on Your Heart Rate: eAskme

Once you start exercising, monitoring your heart rate becomes essential. Again, smartwatch to the rescue.

Every smartwatch is packed with heart rate monitoring technology to accurately monitor your heart rate in real-time.

Using it will help you track how fast your heart is beating and ensure you're not putting too much pressure on it.

For instance, the maximum heart rate of a person can be calculated by subtracting your age by 220. So, if you're 25 years old, your maximum heart should be 220 – 25 = 195 beats per minute.

If you see your heart rate nearing 195 during the exercise, it's time to take a break.

Another benefit of heart rate monitoring is that it adds intensity as a factor to much more accurately determine the number of calories you have burned.

3 – Provides Detailed Health Metrics:

Provides Detailed Health Metrics: eAskme

Modern smartwatches are equipped with various sensors and algorithms that can identify all sorts of health issues.

For example, the heart rate monitor, apart from detecting your heart rate during exercises, can also identify irregular heart rhythm, preventing critical health issues like cardiac arrest.

Similarly, many smartwatches can also monitor your blood pressure and oxygen levels, alerting you when very low or high.

Again, this will enable you to make informed decisions quickly.

4- Act as a Workout Guide:

Act as a Workout Guide: eAskme

Want to start your fitness regime but don't know where to begin?

Modern smartwatches can be your trainer. They can guide you through exercises step-by-step.

It comes in handy when you have limited time or budget to go to the gym and hire a personal trainer.

Also, it helps you do new exercises that suit your body type, helping you achieve your fitness goals quickly.

5- Helps You Schedule Everything Better:

Helps You Schedule Everything Better: eAskme

With a watch on your wrist, you can better schedule your life, find time to exercise, and become more efficient.

For instance, if your goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day, you can check how many you have already completed and adjust your schedule accordingly to complete the remaining steps.

Besides, you can stay on time during a workout and also stay connected at the same time.

Smartwatches have message and calling features that keep you updated with the latest notifications.

6- Improve Sleep:

Improve Sleep: eAskme

A good night's sleep is vital for your physical and mental health.

Fortunately, smartwatches can help you with it as well. Smartwatches monitor the quality of your sleep and track how many hours you have slept.

If you start to see a pattern in your sleep quality, such as not getting a good sleep after eating junk food at dinner, you can change those habits to improve your sleep.


Having a smartwatch is a must.

It helps track your daily activities, monitor your heart rate, improves sleep, and makes tracking health metrics effortless.

Have you bought a smartwatch yet?

What's stopping you?

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