November 29, 2021

The Most Effective Video Marketing Tools to Use

In our short article, we have gathered reviews of the most effective tools that will help you to make a successful animated explainer video.

Keep reading and select a tool to satisfy your company's needs.

The Most Effective Video Marketing Tools to Use: eAskme
The Most Effective Video Marketing Tools to Use: eAskme

Video Marketing Tools that Every Startup Should Try

We are living in a wonderful era of modern technologies and innovations that open unlimited possibilities for business.

One of the most effective ways to promote a product or a service is to make an exciting and eye-catching video to post on your company's website.

Currently, people prefer watching video content instead of reading texts, so you have to follow these tendencies and create high-quality videos to promote your brand and make more new customers.

Social media impacts people a lot: about 4 billion people worldwide watch videos on the most popular sites YouTube and Facebook.

Imagine, if you post a promotional video on Facebook, how many people will watch it during the day?

And now think about how to make this video so attractive that almost everyone who watched it would make a purchase?

This is all about the importance of marketing for business.

Nowadays, video marketing is quite popular for leading companies that want to stay on top.

Sometimes, especially if this is your first experience creating marketing videos, it's not easy to choose an effective and simple tool.

In our short article, we have gathered reviews of the most effective tools that will help you to make a successful animated explainer video.

Keep reading and select a tool to satisfy your company's needs.

Top 7 Video Marketing Tools for You


This marketing tool is free and simple to use because you can get it as a mobile application and as an extension for the browser.

When you set this tool, it integrates into your channel on YouTube automatically. This is a useful and effective tool with all the needed features.

You can get a paid version: there are three variants available, including a pro plan ($9 for a month), the star plan ($19 for a month), and a legend plan ($49 for a month).

The app works perfectly on both iOS and Android and supports the most popular browsers.

If any questions occur, customer support is ready to help! This tool is ideal for beginners.

Please be informed that you have to register multiple TubeBuddy accounts to use them for multiple channels.


This is an online editor for beginners that is simple to use even for people with no experience.

With VEED, you can convert your videos to many formats.

The app has a teleprompter that allows you to read the script during recording.

With VEED, you can easily add subtitles to any marketing video using various but very simple ways.

It's possible to purchase a basic version for $12 for a month, and in this case, you get 25 minutes of video length, unlimited uploads with 20GB storage, and high-quality created video files.

If you require more, buy a professional plan that includes 2 hours of length and 100GB storage for $24 monthly.

VEED is very easy to use because it provides many hints and special tutorials on the site.

Be informed that you must have a good Internet connection to work in this application.

Large files may take a lot of time to upload.

This is new software, so you may notice some bugs while using it. In general, this is a cool application for beginners to try yourself in the video marketing field.


This is a platform that provides effective video marketing tools and hosting.

You can find there a great assortment of excellent templates to match the needs of your business company.

There are four subscribing plans, including:

  • Startup plan ($9 for a month) where a user gets 5 videos, 500 images, and 50 audios
  • Plus plan ($25 for a month) where you can get 40 videos, 1500 images, and 200 audios
  • Corporate plan ($99 for a month) that offers unlimited storage
  • Agency plan ($350 for a month) that suits large companies the best.

This tool offers a free trial version, so every person can decide if it is worth buying.

Cincopa has a simple interface, and it can provide extensive analytics.

You should know that it's not easy to find the needed image from the items you have uploaded in some cases.

The program is good for beginners, but it also suits more experienced users.


It is an amazing video editing tool for business available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

The program has an intuitive interface, so you can add some attractive and eye-catching features to videos to engage more potential clients and increase sales.

With Videoshop, any song can be added to the video. It also allows creating cool videos in slow motion.

Users can apply various filters to make their videos look better.

Videoshop offers to remove any unwanted videos and add a range of cool sounds, including animal voices, applause, and many others.

If you want to add subtitles, it's quite simple to do it using this amazing tool.

It's also possible to merge several clips into one without wasting a lot of time.

Even beginners can use this program easily because it's user-friendly and very simple.


Video marketing is quite important when promoting new products or services to potential customers and increasing the company's sales.

Nowadays, many brands use marketing videos to attract more people and to make their company more popular.

Customers prefer watching eye-catching short videos, so you need to give this to them!

With the effective and simple video tools listed above, you can create amazing videos for your business and promote your company to clients.

Whether your goal is increasing sales or engaging with your customers, these simple but effective tools will help you get amazing results in the shortest time!

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