November 30, 2021

Increase Your Website's Traffic In Seven Easy Steps

Over the past few decades, technology has completely revolutionized how businesses interact with consumers. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming popular, and it has given rise to the use of websites as an easy and efficient way of communication.

So most of the companies depend heavily upon website traffic.

Increase Your Website's Traffic In Seven Easy Steps: eAskme
Increase Your Website's Traffic In Seven Easy Steps: eAskme

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Website traffic plays a significant role in your ranking in SEO.

Because of the more visitors you have, your business will have more potential to grow.

The number of visitors is also the number of opportunities your business has to gain customers.

More website traffic means that the company will get the opportunities to grow, spread its geographical area, and expand its products or services.

The following are the seven ways to increase website traffic:

1. Advertise Through Paid Ads

The most obvious suggestion in the box, but it works.

Paid Ads are the best way to increase website traffic. You build your brand through promotion by creating brand awareness.

You can adjust the paid methods of advertising according to your goals.

Are you looking for more traffic or more conversions?

For example, suppose you aim to get more consumer traffic on your website with a higher sales conversion.

In that case, your keyword usage will vary accordingly.

You will have to target keywords with commercial intent in your paid advertisements. Each channel of advertising that you pay for has its benefits and drawbacks.

So do your research, understand your goals, and then spend your money.

2. Use Un-Tapped SEO Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term marketing method that produces consistent and long-lasting results.

As long as you maintain a good ranking on the Google web page results, your website will keep on getting organic traffic.

So if you execute SEO keyword strategies, you will observe traffic growth.

Digital marketing and SEO experts use tools to monitor the website's traffic.

The website traffic checker gives you all the information you need to update or change strategies.

According to the results, the best SEO strategies that attract the most traffic are:

Using high-volume and low-competition keywords:

Using tools, you can filter out keywords according to their search volume and difficulty.

The search volume indicates how many times people have searched it, and the difficulty score tells your website's ranking by using that keyword.

Keep your consumer's search intent in mind before modifying the filters and extracting a list to your liking.

Use the content explorer:

It is a database that you can use to search across billions of different webpages.

Use filters to separate high organic traffic receiving webpages that have little to no backlinks.

You can use this database to help you explore your content options that usually derive traffic to pages.

3. Link Up With Influencers And Leverage Networks

An instant strategy to gain traffic from a specific audience is to impact the already established network.

SEO experts refer to backlinks as one of the deriving factors of quality and long term traffic.

So to make quality backlinks, seek out influencers and websites that have publications related to your work.

Settle down different methods of collaboration using guest posts or leverage.

You can also try to introduce your business and website as a way for them to expand their traffic.

The traffic you gain through this strategy is more likely to convert into leads and then customers than paid traffic.

For example, you can use Facebook, Quora, or Reddit are prevalent network opportunities that you can explore to increase your website's traffic.

4. Use Social Media

Some SEO experts may disagree, but social media can become your biggest traffic growth channel if used correctly.

It is not enough to create good content and cross your fingers in hopes that people find your content.

A more proactive technique will get you far.

You can use Twitter for short and effective linking.

Google plus promotion techniques can help your website show up in people's personalized search results.

This strategy is beneficial for business promotion. Suppose your business is more business – customer-focused.

In that case, you can use social sites that will give you room for infographic promotion, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

The most effective manner to use this strategy is to use social media channels that hold a significant concentration of your target audience.

5. Have Unique Content

Using multiple channels can't benefit you if you don't produce good content that engages your audience.

Keep on writing engaging and authentic content that is more likely to attract more audience and backlinks.

That is the only way you will maintain consistent traffic on your website.

Producing great content once can get you traffic, but it will also increase bounce rates.

To ensure that the bounce rate stays to the minimum, keep your audience engaged with relevant and engaging content.

6. Do Guest Blogging

Contrary to popular belief, guest blogging is, in fact, not dead.

Guest blogging is the strategy to increase traffic on your website by posting on other websites.

Guest blogging helps to increase brand awareness.

Standards for guest blogging have made it impossible to use any shady techniques that may manipulate the audience.

That is why guest blogging is becoming relevant again.

7. Email Marketing

One of the oldest digital marketing strategies in the book, but just as effective.

Email marketing is the easiest way to increase traffic for your website.

No change in algorithm or policies can affect email marketing, which makes it a reliable channel.

If the content is convincing enough, you have more chances of increasing your website traffic that turns into leads and then customers. But each business is unique, and each niche comes with its strategies.

Some baselines that can help you figure out your email marketing strategies are:

  • Sharing new content updates your audience about the changes and updates. New content can prove very inviting to people, and it is the perfect little nudge they need to visit your website often.
  • Test before you launch the whole campaign. You can perform split tests to try different content and subject content to improve the success rate. You can test and see what kind of emails will get the most action.
  • Working on your email subject can be a game-changer. People will choose to ignore or reach your email based on your email subject. Get creative with it so that it becomes more enticing and convincing.


Website ranking plays a vital role in achieving your targeted goals.

A lot of your investment budget goes into marketing, so selecting how you spend your money is crucial.

By devising smart and effective digital marketing strategies, you can monitor your website's traffic and tweak it according to your niche.

Do share your questions, suggestions and anything you want me to know in the comments.


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