July 07, 2023

Where and How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons for Maximum Shares?

Do you have social sharing buttons on your blog or website? Or Do you want to know the best place to add social sharing buttons? Or How you should add social sharing widgets or plugins?

Social sharing buttons are essential to boost user engagement, get more social shares and increase traffic.

Who does not want more social shares, likes, and comments?

Where and How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons for Maximum Shares: eAskme
Where and How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons for Maximum Shares: eAskme

Social media networks can add up to 12% more traffic to your website.

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your blog or website from social networks is by allowing visitors to share your posts on their profiles.

And, they can do it with the help of social sharing buttons.

Today, I explain how you should add a social sharing button to your blog or website and increase social media traffic.

First, you should know where to use social media buttons.

Where You Must Add Social Sharing Buttons?

The blog is always the most engaging part of any website.

You place maximum content in your blog to educate users or share knowledge and publish essential information.

Now, people always want to share your content, and social sharing buttons make it possible.
Use social sharing buttons on Call-to-Action pages, and it will increase your website traffic from social networks by 11.9%.

If you are unsure where to place the social sharing buttons, you should follow the A/B test approach.

To find the best place for social media buttons on your website or blog, you first add buttons and analyze engagement.

How are top sites using social sharing buttons?

If you are running a blog or have visited popular new sites or publications, you may have already seen social media buttons.

Here are a few examples of the sites and how they are using social sharing buttons:


Billboard website has placed the social sharing button on the top of the article below the title.

But some people find it not the best place as the visitor can only share the article if he reaches the end of the post.


At the Entrepreneur website, you will see the scrolling social sharing buttons on the top of the page when you scroll down.

Yahoo Sports:

Yahoo Sports have used social sharing buttons on the left side of the article. You will find this approach similar to how we use social media buttons at eAskme.com.


At the Medium website, you will see social sharing buttons on both the top and the bottom of the article. Not only that, but when you select the text, social sharing buttons also appear there.

There are a lot of ways how you can use social media buttons on your website.

Not: make sure that your social media buttons are visible.

Now, as you know, how and where to add social sharing buttons.

It is time to know the best social sharing button services available online.

How to Create Official Social Sharing Buttons?

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest offer social media button builders to help you create free social sharing buttons.

How to create Twitter Social Media Sharing Button?

create Twitter Social Media Sharing Button: eAskme
  • Go to https://publish.twitter.com.
  • Click on the "Twitter Button"
  • Now, "Select the button you'd like to use."
  • Copy the code and paste it into your website.

How to Create Facebook Social Sharing button?

Facebook Share button configurator: eAskme
  • Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/share-button#configurator
  • Go to the Facebook Share button configurator.
  • Create a button and click on "Get Code."
  • Copy code and paste it into your blog or website.

How to Create Pinterest Share Button?

Pinterest social share button builder: eAskme

  • Go to https://developers.pinterest.com/tools/widget-builder/
  • Choose the type of button you want to create.
  • Copy the code and paste it into your website or blog.

If you do not want to create social sharing buttons manually, you can use available social media sharing plugins or apps.

Popular Social Sharing Widgets/Plugins/Apps:

Social sharing plugins and apps are pretty popular among bloggers and web admins.

It is the easiest way to create social media buttons for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

All you need is to go to the social media plugin or app website, create a button and install code or plugin on your website.

Here I am sharing some of the best social media sharing plugins for WordPress:


Sharethis is a free social media sharing plugin. You can use this on WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Blogger, etc.


AddThis is also a free social media sharing plugin or widget.

You can use this on many platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Shopify, etc.

There are different placement and customization options available for you.


AddtoAny is an easy-to-use and fast-loading social media buttons widget for you.

You can also use AddtoAny on any platform such as HTML, Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.


Shareaholic is also a free-to-use social sharing buttons plugin. You can add this on any platform.


Social sharing buttons play an essential role in increasing the social media presence of your website or blog.

I have been used many social media plugins in recent years. And, they have helped get more than a million shares on different social media platforms.

When creating a social media button, focus only on those social networks where your target audience is available. Run A/B tests to find the best and most engaging place to add social media buttons to your website.

After adding the social sharing button, check the speed of your website, and analyze the traffic change.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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