May 13, 2020

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?

Content is the all-time trending and demanding factor in SEO. Based on how you present content, what you write, what media formats you include, your results will vary.

Sometimes, your content attracts more backlinks and popular in search engines but nowhere in social platforms.

Else, it will create lots of engagement in social media but poor in gaining backlinks.

Hence, determine your writing goals before you start creating it.

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme
How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

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Make yourself clear what you want to accomplish from the particular piece of content.

With that said, today I am going to help you out with tips to develop amazing content that gets more shares and links (both).

Shares and Backlinks – Why we need both?

The most predominant goals of any content would be getting backlinks or sometimes begin a relationship with the new audience or influencers in your niche.

Still, links are one of the crucial ranking factors in SEO, now and forever.

Links are not only great to improve a particular page ranking in SERP. But, it also can boost your other pages spreading link juice.

Build quality backlinks and let tonnes of organic traffic flow to your website. If you build backlinks, then there are chances for bad backlinks.

Otherwise, if your content itself attracts backlinks, then it will be of great quality.

You should not solely focus on gaining backlinks, although. Social shares are essential as people are likely to discover any content on social networks.

To turn more eyeballs around you, be active in social media.

The ratio of people spending their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other popular social channels is absolutely high.

Social engagements are the keys to drive more inbound traffic.

Hence, both social shares and backlinks are equally important to boost your SEO and search visibility.

There are a few hacks to come up with shareable content but also getting more backlinks.

Before that, I wish to take you to the different types of content that can get both backlinks and social shares.

Types of Content that Attract more Shares and Backlinks

Only strategic content writing can help you accomplish your goals.

What type of content you publish can make a big difference in how shareable and attractive it is.

Along with that, how you craft your articles and structure it, what media format you embed can boost the volume of social shares and authority of the backlinks.

Here are the few proven types of content that can get more social engagements and quality backlinks.
  • ‘What is’ & ‘how-to’ type of posts

Obviously, the articles that can provide answers to the reader’s questions grab more attention.

It can be as simple as ‘what is silo structure,’ ‘what is schema markup’ etc. Or, detailed guide type of posts like ‘guide to content marketing’ guide to blogger outreach’ and so on.

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

Have you ever wondered about the zeroth position in Google search results?

These types of guide, lists, and how-to articles can acquire this position for sure. If you are the top in SERP, then click-through will be high resulting in high shares and links

But, make sure your content is well informative, simple to understand and offer solutions.

For now, I am talking about the post on ‘what is content marketing’ by Influence and Co. And, check the social engagements the article receives (in below image).

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

The post performs well in getting backlinks too - 456 backlinks (tested in Ahrefs).
  • Content on Research and Statistics

And it is no obvious that research topics that come with statistical data will get more backlinks and social shares.

People will find those articles as great resources for their content writing. Often, it is easy to grab the necessary information from such posts.

Hence, people will love to visit your research posts regularly.

I prefer to take WordPress to explain. Any content about WordPress and its usage or popularity will search for ‘current statistics on WordPress.’

If you could offer it, then you are the winner. And, you can hit social shares as you need undoubtedly.

Particularly, you can gain backlinks at the very beginning of the article – WordPress introduction.
  • Announcement content

Another sort of content that gets more backlinks and social shares would be the announcement posts.

Unless you are a popular brand in the market, it’s hard to bring out your new developments to the public virally.

Content can help you this way.

Though being a small player, if you could contribute an authoritative article about the trending announcements, then that shares and backlinks are yours.

Recently, WordPress comes with a new version releasing WordPress Gutenberg editor.

I could see thousands of moderate bloggers publishes content on Gutenberg editor, its review, how to disable Gutenberg, plug-ins to disable Gutenberg and so on. And, it performs at its best.
  • Controversial form of articles

There is no wonder that any interactive, conversational or controversial type of articles go viral in social platforms.

Also, the opinion posts.

But, it surprises me that it can also attract more backlinks.

For these types of posts, the headlines must be compelling. Let me show you a familiar example to explain this.

The controversial topic that triggers every SEO’s and online publishers is ‘Blogging is Dead’?

You will astonish to know the total number of shares and backlinks, these articles gains.

How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

  • Insights on trending topics

The last one is content that talks about the trending news in your niche.

Maybe this can drive more shares but not much backlinks.

Even you may spin any out of the box topic to grab user’s attention.

For example, for fun you can include ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Pokemon’ in your headlines or body of the content
How to Create Content that Gets More Shares and Backlinks too?: eAskme

Tips to Create a Shareable Content Attracting Backlinks

Around 2 million blog posts come live every day. Only the ‘wow’ content can trigger people to engage.

And, only if your content admires its readers, the shares will be high and backlinks too.

No one desires to link a plain or boring content to their page to spoil the content flow.

Content that is extraordinary, unique, informative can attracts backlinks.

Online publishers love those articles to be linked adding more value to their readers on the topic.

Here are a few tips to write content that get more backlinks and shares.

Let me put down with bullet points for easy grasping.

Offer your audience with some list of best resources in your niche. For ex, List of duplicate content checker tools.
  • Include shareable infographics to provide entertain-able reading experience to your readers

  • Offer free tips, webinars, ebooks, how-to guide, checklist benefiting your audience

  • Prefer publishing 'how-to' guides to impress entry-level users who are curious about the topic

  • Structure or format your content flow for easy understanding. Readability is more crucial.

  • Strategically place your social shares icons then and there enabling people to share at one-click

  • Include click-to-tweet banners between the content with a content highlight

  • Mention top influencers in your content pleasing them to share it across their social profiles

  • Embed shareable images and videos to go viral on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • Be responsive to the social mentions faster, respecting their interests

  • Make your content more simple and conversational with real-time examples, screenshots

  • Create incentives to favor those who are likely sharing your content

  • Produce authoritative content that being a part of something bigger

Final Take Away

If your tree can yield different flavored fruits that you love, it’s amazing.

Both backlinks and shares are two poles apart but offer the core benefits in boosting your SEO.

Content is the tool you have handy to present attracting more shares and backlinks.

Creating shareable content is an art of writing.

Make sure your content is SEO-friendly. Aesthetics are the essence you are adding to make it the most perfect.

Which of your article works well in gaining more shares and backlinks?

Share it here as a sample to understand how a fantastic content must be.

Rather, if you are struggling to prepare a shareable content attracting more backlinks, try these tips and experience it.

If you have any question,

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