February 04, 2022

Four Ways to Improve Your Brand Image

A brand is more than a product category; it is how a company is perceived as a whole.

According to Investopedia, a "brand" is an intangible marketing or business concept that assists people in identifying a product or an individual.

Four Ways to Improve Your Brand Image: eAskme
Four Ways to Improve Your Brand Image: eAskme

People frequently mix up branding and marketing, whereas branding fosters loyalty and marketing fosters response, demonstrating that it's all in the perception.

Marketing extracts value while branding creates it. 

Marketing is the act of doing, whereas branding is the state of being.

Do not mix up the two because it is straightforward to do so.

Let's move on now that we've cleared that up.

What Is a Brand Image?

The customer's perception of your brand based on its interactions is a brand image.

So a brand image is how customers perceive you.

A brand's image can be compared to a person's personality.

Companies invest a lot of money and time in developing their brand.

They decide how it will look and feel, and they work hard to make a good impression in customers' hearts because the brand image is ultimately based on the customer's perception.

The brand image is viewed through the eyes of the customer.

When you say a word or feel something, it automatically reminds you of the brand, which signifies a good brand image.

Let's take a look at some well-known brands and their associated images.

For example, McDonald's means family-friendly fast-food restaurants at affordable prices.

Apple delivers innovative, sleek, and suitable technology for your lifestyle.

Coca-Cola refers to soft drinks that describe happiness, joy, and sincerity.

Ways to Improve Your Brand Image:

Value Check:

The company's value may be unique and distinct from that of its competitors, but it may no longer be relevant to a customer's desires.

A value check assesses the perceived worth of a brand.

Customer value is the difference between a customer's perceived benefits and the costs incurred.

Customer value can be delivered to customers by offering products at a lower price, increasing the product's features, as Apple does with their iPhones, or providing additional services outside of sales.

A skincare store could provide advice on how to care for your skin, get rid of acne, and so on.

A hardware store could provide free installation.

Tell a story and keep it accurate:

The best brands have a compelling, memorable story that leaves an indelible imprint on their customers' hearts.

Customers can quickly identify with the brand, which encourages them to engage more deeply with the brand.

Ensure that your message is consistent across all promotional channels.

Big brands frequently repeat the same message but in different ways.

Another way to use stories to build brand image is to associate your brand with success and tell your success stories and where you have come from and where you are going as a brand.

Customers are human beings, and they are predisposed to success.

Don't tell, show:

Great brands are unwavering in their commitment to their promises, and they follow through on those commitments.

Consumers experience a brand through perception, visuals, imagery, emotions, and feelings, rather than words, because branding does not allow you to tell customers what to think.

Visual information is processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text.

This helps your audience understand the importance of what you do and the advantages of your product.

Think about rebranding:

Simply put, rebranding is when a company redoes or improves its branding elements.

If your brand image isn't conveying the message you want, you should think about rebranding.

Although rebranding is typically used as a marketing strategy, it can also build your brand image.

I've seen businesses, primarily online, go from 0 to 100 simply by rebranding because they recognize the value of a brand image.

They are ready to close down their store for weeks to work on their image.

Companies evolve, and to remain competitive, they must frequently evolve their brand and branding.


When consumers purchase a product or service, they pay for the product or service and the brand.

This is why having a solid brand image is essential.

In real life, a plain white T-shirt from The Gap may be of equal quality to one from Louis Vuitton, but the latter will be more expensive.


Image of the brand.

Their target customers are high-end consumers, and their product is marketed as luxurious.

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