November 26, 2020

Instagram Advertisers Can Create Sponsored Posts With Users' Accounts

Instagram has made specific changes to branded content ads that allow advertisers to create sponsored posts from Instagram users' accounts.

Instagram's new branded content ads update allows advertisers to publish sponsored posts on behalf of Instagram users.

Instagram branded content ads introduced in 2019. Branded content ads help marketers or influencers to find out when a brand or company is sponsoring their posts.

Note: Branded content tags are allowed in Instagram Reels and Instagram Live.

Instagram Advertisers Can Create Sponsored Posts With Users' Accounts: eAskme
Instagram Advertisers Can Create Sponsored Posts With Users' Accounts: eAskme

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Now the branded content ads on Instagram look similar to organic posts from the original user account. But, the ad will display "Paid partnership with [XYZ brand name]."

Before this new Instagram branded content update, the influencer had to create the post first and then use it as a branded content ad.

But, now, the Instagram business has streamlined this process.

They make it easy for advertisers to publish branded content ads without asking influencers to publish as an organic post.

The Instagram business blog says that now brands will have more flexibility to run branded content ads on Instagram.

Brands can create posts for the ads without asking the publisher. But the publisher must approve the post first.

Here, I am explaining how this new, Branded content ad process will work.

How to create Instagram Branded Content Ad:

Creating Instagram branded content is ad is now an easy process. All you need is to follow three steps.

The advertiser gets ad Creating access:

To create an ad on behalf of an Instagram user, the advertiser needs to send the ad creation access request.

Here is how one can do it.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Business
  • Go to Branded content.
  • Tap Request Ad Creation Access.
  • There advertiser should enter the name of the person to request access.

Publisher Approve the Ad Creation request:

Now the creator or publisher must approve the ad creation access request.

  • For this, the creator will see the advertiser's request in the Activity tab.
  • The publisher can check the list of pending ad requests and approved ad partners.
  • Tap on "Approve," and the advertiser will have the access to create sponsored posts.

Approval on Created Ad:

Once the advertiser creates a sponsored post and submits it, the post will seek approval from the creator.

The creator needs to hit the "Approve" button to approve.

The ad will be posted from the Instagram user account but will not appear on the main profile page.

If the creator does not like the ad, he can decline or pause the ad even after approving it.

Other Important Updates Related to Branded Content Ads:

Instagram is rolling out a lot of updates to make the branded content ad-publishing process easy:

  • Branded content ads will start displaying in Instagram reels and Instagram live.
  • Branded content ads will display hashtags, mentions, and locations in Instagram Stories.
  • Brands can add product tags in branded content posts.
  • Advertisers and creators can set age restrictions for branded content feed posts on Instagram.


This Instagram Branded content ads updates is important for both the advertisers and content creators. Instagram is working on every step to make the Instagram one of the best and most popular social media app.

There is more that is coming for you.

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