September 13, 2022

4 Meta Ranking Signals for Videos Distribution on Facebook

By Sona Mathews

Meta has revealed 4 ranking signals for videos on the Facebook platform.

If you have ever seen videos on Facebook or uploaded videos on Facebook, then you should know that Facebook is using some algorithm to rank videos on their network.

4 Meta Ranking Signals for Videos Distribution on Facebook: eAskme
4 Meta Ranking Signals for Videos Distribution on Facebook: eAskme


Now, we know what the Meta ranking signals are for videos and how the algorithm decides which video comes on the first page of the Facebook feed.

4 Meta Ranking Signals for Videos Distribution on Facebook:

The 4 most influential video ranking signals are:

  • Originality
  • Video Attributes and User Behavior
  • Audience loyalty and Intent
  • Engagement

You will learn everything about these 4 video ranking signals on Facebook.

According to Meta, Facebook prefers original content and improves loyal and intentional content consumption. You can turn your viewers into your fans with entertaining, authentic, and enduring videos.

It clearly states that you should create original content to attract viewers and build a loyal audience.
But, here is more that you must understand.


Original content should have your brand voice and value. You can edit videos but add content not available anywhere on Facebook.

Facebook video algorithms prefer content with originality.

You can publish videos written, directed, edited, or published by yourself.

Duplicate content and producing repurposed clips or mass-produced content will hurt your originality ranking signal.

Video Attributes and User Behavior:

Facebook algorithms prefer videos with specific attributes that inspire viewers to view more of your content.

You should make longer videos on Facebook that make people view your videos and increase user engagement.

Facebook reduces your video distribution if your videos are clickbait or more like a slideshow.

Audience loyalty and Intent:

Facebook algorithm for videos considers audience loyalty and Intent to rank your videos.

Loyalty is when people search for your brand and videos or visit your page directly to watch more videos.

You can increase audience loyalty and Intent by creating bonus content and optimizing videos for Facebook search.


Facebook prefers videos that get maximum and meaningful engagement.

To be eligible for engagement signals, videos should get meaningful interactions, more social shares, and more engagement.

Facebook will reduce video distribution of Videos with engagement bait and manufactured sharing.

Your Facebook video ranking signal also affects your ability to monetize your videos.

Videos that fail to comply with Facebook ranking signals will lose the ability to display in-stream ads.


Facebook has shared these 4 Meta ranking signals for videos to make creators aware of the content they should create and the type of engagement they need.

If you want to monetize your videos or improve distribution, you should create meaningful and original content that attracts viewers, boost engagement, and turn visitors into loyal audiences.

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