September 14, 2022

Twitter WhatsApp Share Button is Under Testing in India

By Sona Mathews

Twitter is reportedly testing WhatsApp Share Button in India.

TwitterIndia has tweeted about the WhatsApp share button for Indian users. However, the tweet says just testing the WhatsApp share icon.

Twitter WhatsApp Share Button is Under Testing in India: eAskme
Twitter WhatsApp Share Button is Under Testing in India: eAskme

Twitter WhatsApp Share Button:

The new WhatsApp Share Button on Twitter will replace the traditional share button but has similar functionality.

In other words, when a user clicks the icon to share the tweet, he will see the list of options for copying and sharing tweets via social media platforms, bookmarking, and direct messages.

The major change is that the new share button will allow users to share tweets in WhatsApp groups or with WhatsApp contacts.

To share a tweet via WhatsApp, the user needs to click the icon and select WhatsApp to share the tweet.

Why is Twitter Testing WhatsApp Share Button?

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging platforms, with more than 2 billion users worldwide.

More than 581 million Indians are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp user base has been growing actively in the past few years.

WhatsApp users are expected to cross the 795 million milestones by 2025.

Twitter is integrating sharing feature from a Meta-owned messaging platform to increase the reach of your tweets even when you are not using the platform.

Twitter is replacing the share icon with a new WhatsApp icon to allow users to share tweets easily using WhatsApp.

This new cross-platform sharing will help twitter grow its user base in the coming years.


Twitter always tests many new features with a limited number of Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter Android users in India will see the WhatsApp icon.

If everything goes in the right direction, you will see the exact or updated version of the WhatsApp tweet sharing button on your Twitter app. If not, then Twitter will roll back the changes.

Twitter has shut down many features that failed to attract users or lost ability with time.

It will be great to see if Twitter will launch the Twitter WhatsApp Share button for worldwide users.

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