November 05, 2022

Google Hangouts Shut Down: What's Next?

Google Hangouts are gone, and the brand is moving users to Google Chat.

Google has officially ended Hangouts to promote the Google Chat service.

Google hangout was launched in 2013 and died in 2022.

Google Hangouts Shut Down, Rise of Google Chat: eAskme
Google Hangouts Shut Down, Rise of Google Chat: eAskme

Hangouts is a chat app that uses voice, videos, and text to chat with others. In July 2022, Google removed Hangouts from app stores and removed the chrome extension.

The fall of Google Hangout and the rise of Google Chat:

Google is replacing Hangout with Chat. Google chat is an alternative to Microsoft teams and Slack.

You can use Google workspace features like security tools, collaborate files, and group chats.

Users can also use rich text formats and emojis and send GIFs using Google Chat.

Hangout content and contacts will be migrated to Google chat. But you may lose some data.

To ensure you keep all the hangout data, Google has allowed users to download Hangout content using Google Takeout until January 2023.

According to the product manager for Google Chat, Ravi Kanneghanti, Google chat will receive new features like viewing and sharing multiple photos, direct calling, and in-line threading.

What is Next for Google Messaging App:

Google talk was the first messaging app from Google, which was launched in 2005.

The company has made multiple changes and more than a dozen efforts to take over the messaging business.

But most of the results were lower than expected.

Google still competes with iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to dominate the messaging market.

Google has even launched Google+hangout, which could have been more successful.


We already know that Google always tries to offer something best to its users and wants to rule every market.

But even though the products are good, it is okay that every user likes every single Google feature or service.

This is why Google has shut down many features and products such as Google Plus, Google lens, and now Google Hangouts.

Now only Google, but any company can only run a service if that service can bring fruitful results.

Hangouts still need to make people choose the app over WhatsApp, iMessage, and Messenger.

This time, Google is trying to lure users with Google Chats but making users shift from Google Hangouts to Google Chat. New features will also bring some positive results.

We are eagerly waiting to see what will happen to Google Chats now.

Will it become successful, or will Google also retire Google chats someday?

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