November 30, 2022

How to Make an Impact Through Every Stage of Your Career?

It's only natural to want to give back, especially once you've enjoyed a measure of success in your field.

But it can be challenging to know where to start.

How to Make an Impact Through Every Stage of Your Career?: eAskme
How to Make an Impact Through Every Stage of Your Career?: eAskme

Here are some ways to make an impact and give back through every stage of your career:

Volunteer your time:

One way to give back is to donate your time and expertise.

Perfect for an early career, you can do this through teaching opportunities or even informally helping colleagues struggling with a project.

Not only will you be passing on your knowledge, but you'll also know that you're helping others reach their potential.


Mentoring someone just starting is a great way to give back during mid-career.

You can mentor formally or informally—through a program at work, a professional organization, or just by working closely with a junior colleague.

Either way, you're helping shape the career of someone just beginning their journey.

You can share your knowledge and experience, offer advice, and help them navigate the challenges of starting a new job.


If you're looking for a more tangible way to give back, consider donating money to a vital cause.

This could be a scholarship fund for students in your field, a research grant for a new project, or even a donation to your favorite charity.

Donating can be a great way to give back if you're in a mid- or late-career when you're making more money but have less free time.

Work with your professional society or organization:

Wherever you are in your career, getting involved with your professional society or organization is usually a good idea.

You can serve on a committee, volunteer for a project, or attend events and network with other members.

By getting involved, you'll help further your organization's goals, meet other professionals, and make new connections.

Establish a scholarship fund:

If you're further along in your career (or even in retirement) and looking for a lasting way to give back, consider establishing a scholarship fund.

You can designate the money to help students in your field cover the costs of tuition, books, and fees. Scholarship funds can also support research projects or travel opportunities.

Leave a legacy:

You can continue making an impact even after you're gone by leaving something to an organization that was important to you.

Suppose you have whole life insurance or another type of permanent life insurance.

In that case, you can designate a professional organization or nonprofit as a beneficiary, leaving them a gift of funding and support.

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