November 29, 2022

Twitter Update: 3 New Ways to Advertise on Twitter Launched Worldwide

Twitter is launching 3 new ways to advertise on Twitter.

New Twitter advertising solutions will drive relevance and result.

Twitter Has Launched 3 New Ways to Advertise: eAskme
Twitter Has Launched 3 New Ways to Advertise: eAskme

You can optimize your Twitter ad campaigns when targeting sales and clicks with these ads.

Three new advertising products on Twitter are:

  1. Website Conversions Optimization
  2. Dynamic Product Ads
  3. Collection Ads

According to Twitter, these ad formats will drive mid-to-lower funnel results relevant to people and advertisers.

You must know about new ad options on Twitter and how they will increase conversions and website visits.

Website Conversions Optimization:

Twitter wants to rebuild conversion goals. The Website Conversion Optimization ad option will make it happen.

With the Website Conversion Optimization ad format, you can improve your lower-funnel website conversions when users add products to their shopping cart or make purchases.

Twitter's algorithm will target relevant users with new ad formats to improve lower-funnel conversions.

According to Twitter, Website Conversion Optimization will deliver better results at 25% less cost.

Twitter Website Conversions Optimization Ads: eAskme

Dynamic Product Ads:

Dynamic Products Ads on Twitter will display to users only when they are interested in buying the product or service.

New Dynamic Product Ads work in the following ways:


Serve ads to the user who has already engaged with the product earlier.


Serve ads to those who have never visited your website.


Integrate your product catalog on Twitter.

According to Twitter, dynamic product ads' cost per acquisition can improve by 30-88%.

Twitter Dynamic Product Ads: eAskme

Collection Ads:

In the Collection ad format on Twitter, you can place multiple product images with a primary image.

Primary images will have large sizes, and others will work as thumbnails.

Users can check thumbnails without changing the main or hero image.

According to Twitter, Collection ads can improve CTR by 42% and conversion by 54%.

Twitter Collection Ads: eAskme


The presence of Elon Musk is making Twitter look for more ways to improve business and appeal to advertisers.

New ad formats are already available worldwide.

You should use your website's Conversion API or Twitter Pixel to optimize behavior.

Ads and advertisers are always the most critical part of revenue for major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

This is why social media giants are in business and trying to do everything that can help them acquire more advertisers and make them dominate the social media ad market.

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