September 18, 2022

How to Increase Google Search Visibility with Twitter?

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks. You can get traffic from Twitter and use it to improve your search engine ranking.

Businesses are using Twitter to market their products and services.

With the help of the right hashtags, you can reach the target audience, build relationships, promote your brands, gain followers, and generate sales.

How to Increase Google Search Visibility with Twitter?: eAskme
How to Increase Google Search Visibility with Twitter?: eAskme

Brands use visuals, service links, store locations, special offers, contact information, etc., to communicate effectively.

Your success on Twitter depends on how efficiently you engage with your target audience and the SEO optimization of your content.

Brands use creative ways to engage with the target audience, and SEO optimize their content to rank better in SERP.

To get maximum from your tweets, you need to use ways to maximize exposure.

Here are the best ways to maximize the reach of your tweets.


Branding on Twitter is more about expanding awareness and brand identity.

You can do it easily.

Go to Google, and search for your brand name.

If Google is showing Twitter Carousel, you can find some recent tweets there.

This search result gives you control over what you want to display in SERP.

It is very rare as search engines do not give control over search results.

If you do not see the Twitter carousel in the search result, you should take this article's help.

Twitter carousel in the search result will display a strong image in front of the target audience. It is an easy way to show authority, branding, and leadership.

Your audience will easily find out more about your brand with this result.

Share content on Twitter that your audience finds interesting and engaging.

Make sure your tweets carry your brand message.

Leverage twitter Carousel in SERP:

Leveraging the Twitter carousel is a professional strategy.

Here is what you can do:

  • Tweeting about trending topics will help grab the attention of the wider audience. Make sure your tweets are exciting and trendy. Timing is also very important.
  • Tweet relevant content that your audience finds interesting.
  • Mentions others and tags them when it is necessary.
  • Use popular but relevant hashtags.
  • Add Call-to-Action in your tweets.
  • Ask your team to share the content.

Build Following on Twitter:

To grab the attention of a massive audience, you must increase the number of followers and stay active on your Twitter account.

Make sure that you share relevant tweets which are valuable to your audience.

Promote Your Content:

Use Twitter ads to promote your content.

You should promote:

These will help in generating more traffic, more social shares, and more backlinks.

You already know how important links are.

Optimize your Twitter Profile:

Your Twitter profile is also responsible for your SERP ranking.

Optimizing your Twitter profile is necessary as every user on your page will find all the information about your brand from your profile.

Ensure you add important information, goals, keywords, hashtags, and emojis.


Twitter is one of the most popular social networks where you can build followers, gain authority, and establish your brand.

Optimize your Twitter strategy to improve your search engine visibility.

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