December 09, 2022

Facebook Update: Make Money with Free Stars, Subscriptions, and Ads on Facebook Reels

Facebook’s company Meta has launched new ways to make money with Facebook. 

Meta has also lowered the threshold payment limit for content creators on Facebook.

Meta wants creators to create more content and make more money with Facebook. And to ensure this company has launched a series of updates and features.

Facebook Has Launched Free Stars, Subscriptions, and Ads on Facebook Reels to Make More Money Online: eAskme
Facebook Has Launched Free Stars, Subscriptions, and Ads on Facebook Reels to Make More Money Online: eAskme

Stars are now available for all Public Facebook content, such as events and Reels. The idea is to make users purchase Stars and help creators make money with them.

Not only this, but the Threshold limit is also going down from $100 to $25. Which is great for creators on Facebook.

Here is what you should know.

Stars Available on All Public Content:

Meta is launching Stars on every public content, but they are testing it with selected content creators right now.

Users can purchase stars from all public content.

You can see Facebook Stars, YouTube’s SuperChat, and Twitch’s Bits. Stars are digital gifts that creators receive from users.

Expanding Stars thought Facebook would help this digital gifting system gain momentum.

Facebook is also running events to ensure that popularize Stars purchases.

December 2022 is Stars Gifting season on Facebook.

Here is what you should know as a creator who is eligible to use Stars:

Stars Party Bonus program: Creators will earn bonus stars from December 7th to December 21st if they hit the minimum required number.

Stars Sale:

Facebook Stars is going on sale from December 14th, 2022, to January 1st, 2023. It will benefit users as they can buy stars at discounted rates.

Not only this, but users can also purchase virtual gifts or seasonal gifts till the beginning of the new year. Facebook is testing many digital gifts.

Lower Payment Threshold limit:

Facebook is changing its threshold payment limit from $100 to $25.

This limit will only apply to earning from Facebook Subscriptions and Stars.

It is predicted that Meta will also lower the Threshold payment limit for other Facebook content monetization products.

Limited Tests:

Meta is testing more than one thing across Facebook to make the platform more creator-friendly by adding more ways to earn on Facebook.

Right now, the company is testing the following:

  • Free Stars
  • Ads on Facebook Reels
  • Facebook Subscriptions

Free Stars:

Facebook users are getting free stars to award the content creators for Facebook Reels.

You can post more engaging Reels to try if your audience also gets free Stars for you.

Ads on Facebook Reels:

Ads on Facebook Reels are also under testing. The company is testing ads on Facebook Reels with limited and selected creators

Overlay Ads and Post Loop ads are already under testing for Facebook reels.

Facebook Subscriptions:

Facebook is enabling a subscription button on Facebook Watch. This way, users can subscribe to your content without leaving the Facebook Watch videos.


Meta is also launching live-agent assistance in the USA with monetization.

US content creators with 10000 followers or Professional Mode can be part of this feature.


We all love to make more money online. Facebook is giving us the right tools to monetize content and earn money with the Facebook platform.

At the time, YouTube was the only platform to make money online with videos.

Now Facebook is also using every possible feature that can help creators make money and ensure that users spend more time on Facebook.

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