February 08, 2023

Online Reputation Management (ORM): What Is it? What are the Benefits and Importance?

Do you want to create an everlasting impression? Do you want to control your brand's narratives? What do you want to monitor your plan issues and mentions online?

Yes, that means you want to create a good impression online, and this is where you need online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management (ORM), What Is it, What is the importance and benefits: eAskme
Online Reputation Management (ORM), What Is it, What is the importance and benefits: eAskme

No matter if you are a brand or small business. Corporation, or a Blogger, you cannot create an everlasting impression with just social media presence or a creative website.

Users or visitors always have an opinion of the websites or brands they visit. Customers have the knowledge to identify if the brand is genuine or hiding something.

Brands with a lot of negative media and bad reviews always lose everything.

But the good news is that you can turn around the perception of your brand.

You need to limit the damage and fix the problems before they can cause negative branding.

Brand reputation management online is the way to fix reputation issues.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

As the name suggests, online reputation management is managing your reputation online. It is the way to control your online perception.

Online reputation management is the process of monitoring and managing everything that can change the perception and opinion of your future and existing customers.

This way, your business becomes trustworthy and appealing.

What is the Relation Between SEO and ORM?

Users are visiting search engines to learn about new products or services they want to buy the knowledge that can help them fix common issues.

When people search for your brand, it is necessary to ensure that only the best and positive results appear on the first page.

And you can do this with uh perfect ORM strategy.

Your brand presence on the first page of Google shows what people think about your brand, business, or blog.

It is necessary to control those results to ensure that people will not think negatively about your business and have trust.

Online reputation management is complex; you have to fix every issue that can damage your brand reputation.

Online Reputation Management factors:

Each business followed a different strategy to manage its reputation online. Yet, there are a few things that your all reputation management process should include:

Earned Media:

It includes PR, media relations, and influencer marketing.

Owned media:

It includes user-generated content, brand-created content, customer stories, employee stories, webinars, and reviews.

Paid media:

It includes native advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and lead generation.

Shared media:

It includes co-branding campaigns, partnerships, social media posts, and community service.

What is the importance of Online Reputation Management?

Reputation management should start from day one. But most brands do not start acting until the damage has been done.

Here are the reasons why online reputation management is essential.

Control the narrative:

Recovering from a negative reputation is itself a challenge.

A negative review from unsatisfied customers on review sites like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc., can cause a massive drop in sales.

If you do not track reviews and brand mentions about your company, you will lose the opportunity to control the narrative or change the negative perception of the customers.

According to Khoros, 83% of customers rely on brands that proactively resolve issues and listen to the customers.

Your quick action cannot only retain an angry customer but also prevent bad reviews that can cause a loss of new customers.

Understand customers:

If you do not understand your customers.

No matter how much you spend on marketing, you will never see positive results.

Instead, your focus should be on quickly resolving customers' issues without being insensitive.

Stay ahead:

Online reputation is permanent.

And I know we should not want to learn this in a challenging and unhappy way.

Online reputation management is necessary to avoid losing everything.

You need to control the perception of your brand and create an appealing brand story.

Is Online Reputation Management Different than PR?

You should know that public relations and reputation management are two very different things.

Use both to improve your brand strategy and get the benefits.

Online reputation management focuses on maintaining a positive image of your brand. And the focus is to get the word out about your brand using different media channels.

Public relations strategies can also help you improve your brand's reputation by focusing on sharing information about new product launches or services.

Other than advertising, use PR to increase your brand's visibility.

Combining PR with online reputation management will help you improve PR marketing and brand-building results.

PR strategies will also help you share information about important updates about what you are doing to fix customers' problems.

Online reputation management and social media marketing:

You can control your brand presence in Google searches by ranking for positive turns and ranking positive stories about your brand.

But what about social media?

Customers spend most of their time engaging in social conversations and social media networks. 

Unfortunately, negative reviews on social media networks can cause much damage to your reputation.

Your brain must engage in social conversations to fix the issues.

Tools like SproutSocial, Buzzsumo, Mention, BrandWatch, etc., Can help you track your brand mentions.

Use sentiment analysis to find out if the mentions are negative or positive.

Also, keep an eye on branded hashtags, tagging, and mentions.

When you track brand mentions, it becomes easy to eliminate any negative mentions.


People always talk about your brand even, whether you know it or not.

With all reputation management, you can ensure that what is said about your brand is positive and trust-building.

It will help you create a clean image of your company.

ORM strategies can show that difference.

Leave an everlasting positive impression and control your brand's perception.

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