Twitter Introduced Mixed Media Tweets: Add Images, Videos, and Gifs in a single tweet.

Do you tweet Videos, Images, and Gifs on Twitter? If yes, you may have used separate tweets for each media type.

On 5th November 2022, Twitter introduced mixed media tweets.

Twitter Introduced Mixed Media Tweets: Add Images, Videos, and Gifs in a single tweet.: eAskme
Twitter Introduced Mixed Media Tweets: Add Images, Videos, and Gifs in a single tweet.: eAskme

Mixed Media allows you to add popular media types, such as Gifs, images, and videos, in one single tweet.

Twitter Introduced Mixed Media Tweets:

You can now tweet different visuals, such as images, videos, and gifs, together in one tweet.

Twitter Support has officially tweeted about this update and shared that Twitter users can use Android and iOS apps to add GIFs, Videos, and photos in a single tweet. All you need is to hit the Tweet composer icon to add media.

It is easy to add mixed media to your tweets now. You can see “gif” and “media” icons on Twitter. Use them to add content you want to share with your Twitter followers.

To make your tweets impactful, add a description to your media tweets.
You can add 4 images, videos, and Gifs in each tweet.

Only Android and iOS users can use mixed media tweets on Twitter.

How Mixed Media Tweets Help Content Creators?

Content creators publish multiple types of media content on social networks.

Mixing content makes it easy for them to share related content in different visual formats.

With single mixed tweets, creators can now easily share more content without adding more text.

Best Way to Share Tweets on Twitter:

Twitter is trying to become the best place to share visual content. The new update will help users publish fill-screen videos and video carousels in the explorer tab.

Click here to publish mixed tweets.


The new Twitter mixed tweet feature is available only for Android and iOS users. You cannot add mixed tweets using a web browser.

Mixed tweets are surely a recommendable feature. It will help users to share more content in a single tweet and engage users.

I am expecting the mixed tweets feature to launch for web browsers.

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