December 24, 2022

Twitter is Displaying Public View Count on Tweets!

Twitter is displaying the number of impressions your tweet has received till now.

Elon Musk has announced the launch of view counts display on tweets on 22nd December 2022.

Twitter's tweet display count will give you more access to the tweet's reach without using any extra analytical options.

Twitter is Displaying Public View Count on Tweets: eAskme
Twitter is Displaying Public View Count on Tweets: eAskme

Earlier, Twitter's view count feature was only available for publisher accounts.

But now, every user can check the number of views or impressions a tweet has received.

Twitter is Displaying Public View Count:

You can check the tweet view count under the tweet. View count updates in real time. It is quite helpful to understand the reach of your tweets and engagement.

Twitter's tweet views display is like the number of views on YouTube. The purpose is to display how active Twitter is.

Twitter users and other people will also observe to understand the potential and reach of your Tweets.

According to Elon Musk, views display will encourage users to engage with the Tweets.

For bloggers, marketers, businesses, and brands, the view count is an easy indicator of the impact of their tweets.

Tweets view count also helps to determine the influence of a Twitter influencer. You can check the engagement of his tweets.

Twitter's public view count will expose accounts with millions of followers but zero engagement. Such accounts often have fake followers or purchased followers.

The new feature also pushes users to gain organic followers to boost engagement and views.


I surely like this new feature. Twitter view count will expose fake accounts and help you get rid of inactive followers.

You will also be using this feature to understand the user interest and the reach of your tweets.

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