Best Practices to Follow in a Customer Support Team

We are living in the twenty-first century. It is high time for companies to understand that customer service is the core of a business.

Customer service is the most important department, and all your daily functions revolve around it.

So what must you do to ensure that your customer service representatives perform their duties to the best of their abilities?

The answer is not that complicated.

Best Practices to Follow in a Customer Support Team: eAskme
Best Practices to Follow in a Customer Support Team: eAskme


You need to ensure that the customer service agents abide by the rules and are aware of the basic emotions of respect and empathy.

They must also know the art of attention to detail and be patient enough to carefully listen to the queries and concerns of the customers.

In addition, they must try their best to provide assistance without delay and be available around the clock to cater to the customers' needs.

This seems like a tough job, but many companies, especially telecom companies, have already started adopting these practices. So without further ado, let us delve deep into them.

1. Be as Accommodating as Possible

It is essential to think of ways to help as many people as possible.

A prime example of this would be the RCN en Español teléfono service.

RCN ensures that Spanish speakers who have difficulty communicating in English are accommodated through it.

2. Set Customer Support Standards

Setting particular standards for your customer support program is a solid basis for your customer service department.

Therefore, corporations must have distinctly defined as well as definite service standards that their representatives must be aware of.

For instance, you can state the maximum hold time for a single customer or specify the time you will spend on each issue.

So how will this practice help you?

Well, these standards will guide your customer support department in the right direction by coming up with achievable and quantifiable targets.

3. Pay Attention to Customer Retention

Businesses try their best to acquire new customers and retain their existing ones.

And you will be surprised to know that retaining your loyal customers is cheaper than attracting new ones.

According to experts, attracting new customers can essentially be five to twenty-five times costlier than retaining an existing one.

Customer support is critical in keeping a customer and can significantly enhance retention rates.

Hence, the customer support teams need to pay attention to customer satisfaction and aim for higher consumer retention.

4. Make a Very Good First Impression

The first impression is the last. Unfortunately, several businesses ignore the significance of making a good first impression while conversing with customers.

It doesn't matter if you are communicating with your customers via live chat, social media, email, or phone call; making an excellent first impression could, without any doubt, take you to greater heights.

Moreover, you will be able to create long-lasting associations with your valued customers.

What can you do to make a good impression on the customers? Go ahead and read the pointers we have written below:

  • Always create simple ways for the customers to reach out to you. Don't make them go through complicated channels. This will significantly help reduce the time a consumer takes to reach your customer support representatives.
  • Adopt a friendly, upbeat tone and always greet the customers with their names. This way, the customers feel an excellent connection with you and feel more comfortable explaining their issues and queries.
  • In addition to this, teach your customer support agents to listen to a customer query and be kind and respectful towards an angry consumer.

5. Respond to Customer Queries Promptly

This is an essential customer service standard that most customers value the most.

Being responsive does not just mean that you have to respond to customer queries.

It also means that you need to listen to the question clearly, take notes, be empathetic, devise a solution, and present it to the customer promptly.

This shows that both speed and efficiency are very significant components.

An instant response is impressive; however, you must aspire to follow that up with a swift and comprehensive solution to their query or problem.  

6. Always be Available for the Customers

Customers want you to be present around the clock.

They can face issues at any time of the day and would wish for instant replies and solutions.

Hence, you need to train your employees to stay available 24/7.


We hope the top five best practices and procedures mentioned in this article will help you enhance your customer care operations.

So go through these practices and start implementing them to receive maximum output.

Good luck!

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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