February 23, 2023

Bing AI Search is Using Website Content: Here is How?

How is Microsoft Bing AI search using website content? How important is it for publishers to know?

A blog post published on Bing has revealed information about Bing Orchestrator, which displays how AI search coordinates with Next generation GPT and Bing Website Index.

Post also reveals the new version of Bing search.

Bing AI Search is Using Website Content: Here is How?: eAskme
Bing AI Search is Using Website Content: Here is How?: eAskme

Bing AI Search is Using Website Content: Here is How?

You should know about both the front end and the back end.

Front End:
On Front End, Bing search uses website resource links to generate relevant search results. It shows that the result in Bing search will display according to the authenticity.

Back End:
In Back End, Bing Orchestrator will combine web data with Bing index and next-generation GPT to improve search results.

Bing has introduced Prometheus technology.

What is Prometheus technology?

Microsoft has already given shared details about Prometheus AI technology in their post. It tells that Prometheus is a collection of techniques that can interact with the ChatGPT OpenAI model.

A new post reveals that Microsoft and OpenAI were working together on the next-generation ChatGPT model since 2022.

The next-generation ChatGPT has creative reasoning capabilities. As a result, it is more powerful than its predecessors.

The usability and power of the next-generation model have inspired Microsoft to collaborate with OpenAI.

Bing Orchestrator:

Bing Orchestrator is a technology that combines GPT technology with Bing search AI.

When a user searches for a query, it goes to "Bing Orchestrator." After that, Bing Orchestrator manages the GPT and Bing index process to display the best possible result.

 Bing AI Search Prometheus: eAskme

You should understand that Bing answers and search queries are also feeding data to GPT technology.

GPT will use this data to learn the content and improve daily.

This process is called Grounding, which adds content to the word. The large Language model uses these words to build relationships with other words.

Bing AI search uses website data and provides citations to the resources. It reminds us of the feature that we see on Wikipedia.

Bing Orchestrator is also generating iterative queries. Iterative means repetition of the process.
It means that Bing will use the process to get the maximum number of answers with content.

AI Enhanced Bing Search:

In this post, Bing has also revealed the future of Bing's AI search engine.

Web admins and bloggers are raising issues as they believe AI search engines will display answers but need links. So it is more like Artificial General Intelligence.

But, we know that Bing Ai search will enhance search results with features like knowledge graphs and featured snippets.

Ai is not new to search engines. For example, Google is already using it to filter out spam.


The above information reveals that Microsoft is serious about using AI in search results. It also says we will see more about Bing AI search and other search engines adopting AI technologies.

Stay tuned with us to know what and when it is happening.

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