March 27, 2023

Best Productivity Apps for Motivation!

They say that if you love what you do and do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life.

That is very untrue.

If that were true, most of us would be reading or playing online games on various platforms like Ignition Australia, or even more probably – we’d be sleeping a lot more.

While it’s true that loving your job helps immensely in finding the motivation to perform superbly every day, everyone struggles with productivity at times.

Best Productivity Apps for Motivation!: eAkme
Best Productivity Apps for Motivation!: eAkme


Sometimes, it’s due to a lack of sleep or a bad dream. Other times, it might be personal problems, pain, or overwork.

You might be doing a high-risk job.

And let’s be honest – sometimes, the task is too tedious to force yourself to do it with the same enthusiasm you would have for a more fun task.

These are all valid reasons for lack of motivation, but zero bosses would tolerate such an excuse for a missed deadline or sloppy work.

It’s even worse if your boss is you – you’ll need to keep your clients happy even if the job is tedious.

The same goes for school and university students.

If you have a kid in school, or you’re in school yourself, you know how hard it can be to focus and study, especially with all the stress of passing and getting a good grade while retaining important knowledge.

How to increase productivity?

The first thing about increasing productivity is to lower your expectations of yourself for the day.

Set your daily goals in the morning but be realistic. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why would you have to do all your tasks in a single day?

The key is in prioritizing. Set your priorities realistically and tick them off one by one. 

he most important thing is to not let yourself despair if you don’t meet them all in a day. Try again tomorrow.

Productivity is mostly about discipline, but we’re lucky to live in an era with an app for everything.

Naturally, plenty of productivity apps are out there, and we have compiled a list of 5 with the best reviews and results.


Forest is a fun little app that works by making you feel guilty. In other words, it uses basic human psychology to make you do things, or you’ll feel bad.

When you start working on a task, you click the app and plant a tree.

The tree grows while you’re working, and if you exit the app to mindlessly scroll through Instagram, play games or even reply to a text, your tree dies – and you feel bad. Leave the games and texts for later.

On the other hand, if you set a realistic goal and stick to it, you’ll be able to see a beautiful forest of trees you planted by sticking to your schedule and being productive.

Pomodoro apps:

There are many apps based on the Pomodoro technique.

This technique got its name from the old-timey physical timers in the shape of a tomato that you would wind up, and they would chime when the time was up. 

They were usually used for measuring cooking time, but this technique quickly spread to other areas, like jobs and schools.

Nowadays, you can download a Pomodoro app and try it out for yourself.

Usually, there will be a tomato to touch, and set the timer, and it will not let you use your phone for the time being.


Everyone likes a good pun, and if it helps you be more productive, even better. Due is read as do, but it essentially reminds you of due dates, and you can track progress on your tasks.

It’s a simple app but effective, especially if you forget due dates and tasks. It is a nifty place to track progress and keep up with work. 

To do apps:

There are hundreds of to-do apps out there, from simple to complex. The simplest ones you use by entering a task and checking it when you’re done.

Some let you connect other apps, like email and project management, to have all your tasks and information in one place.

Calendar apps:

Finally, simple yet effective. Calendar apps are similar to to-do apps, meaning you can enter your tasks, meetings, due dates, and reminders and have them all in one place.

Your phone has its calendar app, but there are various others you can download that do more than one thing, depending on what you want and need.

There is not a single app that can do your work for you. But, if you lack motivation and feel that you could use a productivity boost, installing an app to help you is always a good idea.

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