March 25, 2023

OpenAI Launching Initial Support for ChatGPT Plugins

OpenAI is getting ready with Plugin support for ChatGPT. Plugins will let ChatGPT access data from knowledge sources, code, and the world wide web.

OpenAI Plugin support for ChatGPT will enhance its capabilities to become a better language model.

Now OpenAI can access third-party services, up-to-date information, and perform computations.

OpenAI will roll out plugins and updates to understand how users react to these and collect feedback to improve further.

OpenAI Support ChatGPT Plugins: eAskme
OpenAI Support ChatGPT Plugins: eAskme

Plugins will Enhance ChatGPT Capabilities:

Plugins can make it easy for developers and users to discover more ways to use ChatGPT.

The large Language Model relies on training data. Plugins can work as their way to expand access to more information, including personal and recent updates.

The focus is still on making AI better for users.

OpenAI is going to open-source code for retrieval plugin. This will allow developers to use ChatGPT in their way.

Right now, we know about two ChatGPT plugins; Code Interpreter and Web Browser.

ChatGPT Plugins for Browsing and Code Interpreting:

ChatGPT will access more information from the world wide web to expand its knowledge, which will happen because of the OpenAI Browser Plugin.

Now ChatGPT AI chatbot will offer better answers and updated information.

With the OpenAI code interpreter plugin, ChatGPT will use codes like Python to handle downloads and uploads in the sandbox.

Users can use the OpenAI code interpreter plugin to analyze data, file format conversion, visualization, and solve math problems.

OpenAI Retrieval Plugin:

OpenAI has launched an open-source retrieval plugin to make it easy for ChatGPT to access information, such as public documents, files, and notes, from sources like personal and organizational.

OpenAI Retrieval Plugin is a self-hosted solution for developers. You can use it to deploy and register your programs with ChatGPT. It supports databases for faster searching documents and indexing.

OpenAI Allow Third Party Plugins:

With Plugins support ChatGPT will easily integrate with third-party apps. This will help the ChatGPT become better in a faster way.

With third-party plugins, ChatGPT will perform many unusual tasks, such as:

Perform certain actions on user request, such as ordering food or booking flight tickets.

Access real-life-information such as the latest updates, sports, stock markets, etc.

Fetch Knowledge base data from personal notes and company documents.

OpenAI has revealed that list of companies that will have the first hands Plugins for ChatGPT, such as;

  • Expedia
  • Kayak
  • OpenTable
  • Wolfram
  • FiscalNote
  • Kiarna Shopping
  • Shop
  • Zapier
  • Instacart
  • Milo Family AI
  • Speak

When will Will OpenAI support for ChatGPT Plugins become available?

You must join the waitlist.

Initially, only selected developers and ChatGPT Plus users could access ChatGPT plugins.

Later plugins will become available for a wider user base.


OpenAI plugin support for ChatGPT will open the door for more creativity and enhances large language models.

OpenAI begins with Retrieval plugins, browsing plugins, and code interpreter plugins.

With new plugins, ChatGPT will become more creative and useful and open new opportunities for developers and users.

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