July 02, 2022

31 Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know

Snapchat! What is Snapchat? Do you know everything about Snapchat facts? If you think that Snapchat is all about celebrities, then you need to think again.

Snapchat is not just a place to share stories or selfies, but it also has the potential to market the products and services.

Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know: eAskme
Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know: eAskme

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Social media marketers and brands are targeting users of social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

If you have ever tried social media marketing, then you may also want to use Snapchat.

But, before you start using it, there are a few things that you must know about Spanchat.

The reason why you should know everything about Snapchat or all Snapchat facts is to make sure that you understand;
  • Who uses Snapchat?
  • How users engage on Snapchat?
  • How does a creative Snapchat marketing campaign look like?
So, be ready to learn some of the lesser-known Snapchat facts.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media app that allows you to share videos, photos, and connect with others.

The only difference here is that Snapchat does not store your photos and videos for a lifetime.

After viewing the story or snap, it disappears.

It is super easy to use Snapchat. Simply download the Snapchat app from Google play store or App Store.

SnapChat App: Interesting Snapchat Facts You Should Know: eAskme

Snapchat comes with a massive list of features that allows you to make your posts attractive.

You will love to use Snapchat filters, stickers, emojis, drawing tools, etc.

Interesting Snapchat Facts You Need to Know

210 Million monthly Active SnapchatUsers:

210 Million monthly Active SnapchatUsers: eAskme

According to Statista, Snapchat has crossed a milestone of 210 million monthly active Snapchat users.

Isn’t it impressive?

With the massive user base, Snapchat is actively holding the position as one of the best places to market your services or products.

Majority of Snapchat Users are youngsters:

Wired has published a report disclosing the fact that more than 73% of Snapchat users are from the age group 18-24.

Pew research chart shows that maximum Snapchat users are from Gen z users.

Marketers should plan what type of campaign they should run on Snapchat.

Snapchat own report says that Snapchat became the home for GenZ users. These users are creating their presence.

90% of U.S Snapchat users are between 13-24:

Teen users find Snapchat the best place to share their stories. 90% of USA teens are on Snapchat. The best thing about Snapchat is everyone is using it, and teens find it a comfortable place to get their voice heard.

The majority of Snapchat users are using app atleast one time every day.

63% of Snapchat users are using the Snapchat app atleast once in every 24 hours.

TacoBell spent $75,000 in 24 Hours on Snapchat:

Taco Bell has launched the Taco Bell feature on Snapchat, and it cost them $72,000.

You can find this filter quite interesting, humorous, and relevant.

It received more than 224 million views.

Majority of Snapchat users are female:

Statista report says that 61% of Snapchat users are female. Similar to Pinterest, Snapchat is also a female-dominated social media app.

It allows users to share creative visuals using different features.

If you are marking a product related to women, then Snapchat is undoubtedly the best place for you.

Snapchat users discover new products and brands more often than other networks:

GlobalWebIndex report says that 4 out of 10 Snapchat users find new products, brands, and services through celebrity endorsements and public posts.

Every 4 out of 10, Snapchatters responds to products and services endorsed by influencers, expert blogger, vbloggers, and celebrities.

Snapchat Vertical Video Ads:

Snapchat has introduced vertical ads to make it easy for users to view the video ads in smartphone vertical mode.

These days you can watch vertical ads on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, etc. but do you know Piponeered them?

It was Snapchat.

Follow Popular Business Experts on Snapchat:

You can follow the famous business experts on Snapchat:

Such as;

Netflix and Snapchat together launched Geo-Filter:

On the launch of 4 episodes of The Gilmore Girls, Netflix had printed 10k cups with Snapchat code and distributed them at 200 coffee shops.

After scanning the code, it opens a cool geo-filter.

Snapchat Swipe up is 5times higher than other Social media apps:

According to wallaroomedia, Snapchat Swipe up is five times higher than other social media websites and apps.

This makes it a convincing social media platform for marketers.

Rich Content Marketing on Snapchat:

Snapchat is the place for content-rich marketing where you can use media, photos, and videos for marketing your products or services. Content stays on Snapchat for a short period.

Primary reasons how content works on Snapchat:

  • Urgency
  • Appealing to intellectual buyers
  • A personalized form of marketing
And Snapchat is doing it quite well.

Video ads on Snapchat convert two times better than other ad formats:

Video marketing is there for a long time, and people are using YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for it.

According to buffer report, Snapchat video ads conversion rate has beaten Facebook ads by 8%.

Majority of audio ads:

Where Facebook ads only cover 15% of the audio ads market, Snapchat is covering 60% of audio ads.
This shows that Snapchat is a better platform with good listeners who listen to your ads.

The average user spends 25-30 minutes on Spanchat:

Businessinsider repost states that average Snapchat user is spending 25-30 minutes every day on Snapchat.


Picaboo was the original name of the Snapchat. After a year, the company has changed the name to Snapchat.

34 Failures:

Snapchat developed by Frank Reginald Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy.

But, they had to face 34 failures before they successfully created the Snapchat app.

Major Falling Out:

Frank Reginald Brown has lost control as his friends Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy has thrown him out of the Snapchat project one month before the launch of Snapchat.

Yet, no one knows the real story. Frank always said that Murphy and Spiegel had changed the server passwords and stop communicating with him.

Snapchat founder has paid $158 Million to Reggie Brown:

Brown was among one the founders of Snapchat. He sued the Murphy and Spiegel for forcing him out of the company.

Later, he got $158 million in cash to keep him out of the Snapchat club.

Snapchat Average revenue per user:

Snapchat Average revenue per user is $1.53. Most of their earning is coming from advertisements and features.

Snapchat maps Users:

According to the Verge report, more than 19 million Snapchat users are using Snap Maps daily.

Spanchat allows users to share locations and view Bitmoji on maps. It helps you locate your friends.

Snapchat Lens Studio Users:

Snapchat lens allows users to create emojis and use them in real-life events.

More than 70 million users are using the Snapchat lens studio.

64% of marketers on Snapchat:

Adweek report says that almost 64% of social media marketers are using or running ad campaigns on Snapchat.

Brands like Nike, Audi, and Cisco are sharing their products and services in Discover feed.

Gender Swap filter and Toddler filters have increased the Snapchat download:

After the release of toddler and gender swap filters, Snapchat downloads had crossed the number of 41.5 million downloads in a month.

Mark Zuckerberg failed to buy Spanchat.

Yes, it is true. Mark Zuckerberg had once tried to buy Snapchat at the price of $3 billion, but the creators had refused the offer.

Ghostface Chillah:

Snapchat’s Mascot is known as Ghostface Chillah. You can buy a Ghostface Chillah for $17.99 only.

Instagram and Facebook borrow Ephemeral content from Snapchat:

Have you ever used Instagram or Facebook stories? I yes, then you know that they use the similar Ephemeral content feature.

Billions of Snaps:

Users are sending more than 3 million snaps every month on Snapchat. These snaps are creative, trendy, and spontaneous.

Value of Snapchat:

Snapchat value increased in 2019. According to Forbes, now it is valued at more than $23.5 billion.

The drink is the most popular photo on Snapchat:

According to thefactsite, more than 93% of Snapchat users have shared drink photos on Snapchat.

Snapchatters don’t follow:

SocialMedia Examiner report states that 61% of snapchatters are not following new brands, and 51% snapchatters don’t follow sports.

Even 57% of snapchatters are not following entertainment.

Snapchat for you:

Snapchat believes in making you be the one you are today, not what you were yesterday.

The popularity and features of Snapchat have made it one of the most used apps for users and marketers.

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