April 04, 2023

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. Bing Chat AI, What are the Differences?

ChatGPT has created the demand and race between companies to create the best and most attractive AI.

Bing Chat, Google Bard, Snapchat My AI, Microsoft Azure, etc., are a few examples that came to light after seeing the popularity of ChatGPT chatbot.

Now only search engines but browsers like Opera and Mozilla are also working to create user-friendly AI.

Regarding AI like ChatGPT, only Bing and Google Bard have made headlines worthy of a competitor.

So a user must find out which AI chatbot tool is better.

In 2023, we will see more and more chatbots in the market daily.

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. Bing Chat AI, What are the Differences: eAskme
ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. Bing Chat AI, What are the Differences: eAskme

In this storm of Chatbots, it takes work for a user to find and settle on the best one.

Developers, SEO experts, agencies, writers, publishers, etc., are discussing the benefits and limitations of different AI chatbots.

In November 2022, ChatGPT was introduced, and Bing Chat and Google Bard came to grab the AI market.

Chatbots are not limited to answering a limited number of questions. AI Chatbots are even helping you design websites, create YouTube scripts, write CSS codes, etc.

Now you can create valuable and informative articles, blog posts, newsletters, and emails with the help of AI chatbots.

But it is challenging for you to choose the best Chatbots when popular chatbots offer similar features and benefits.

Today, we will determine which AI chatbot you should choose and why.

ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing Chat: Differences

To understand these differences, you should understand GPT and LaMDA.

ChatGPT and Bard both use different technologies. Where ChatGPT is based on GPT, Google Bard is based on LaMDA.

People started using ChatGPT, and Google Bard was introduced later. This is why people want Bard to behave like another GPT chatbot, which it is not.

Bing collaborated with OpenAI to create better AI but also make the AI responsive according to user interest.

ChatGPT is not available on a massive scale as Google Bard and Bing Chat are available. ChatGPT alternatives are working hard to create a user-friendly chatbot that appeals to a mass user base.


ChatGPT is based on Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It has used much data to train and fine-tune the chatbot. Billions of data points are used in ChatGPT.

More than 175 billion data parameters are used to learn and fine-tune ChatGPT.

Some of the critical parameters are:

  • Websites data
  • Articles
  • Books, etc.

OpenAI is now developing plugins to support ChatGPT and make it learn in real time from website data.

Developers can also use these to create better ChatGPT actions.


Google always tries to stand unique. Google Bard is using LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Google Bard is working hard to make it user-friendly and answer queries in conversational methods.

Even though Google has said that Bard is trained in human dialogue and conversations, there are possibilities that Google uses search data to improve real-time results.

Google is using Infiniset datasets, and the company is keeping information about these datasets private.
Chatbots are using web sources, and they may deliver false results.

Chatbots can Hallucinate:

Hallucinations are possible in chatbot results. Yet, you will find results convincing even if they are misleading.

Google has clearly stated that Bind is an experiment, which tells us that much more is coming.

Bing also clearly states that mistakes and surprises are possible with Bing AI.

If you use chatbots to find facts, crosscheck the information before using it.

It is standard that a newbie will not find any difference between accurate and misleading information.

Chatbots use website data, and there are chances that data needs to be more accurate.

Now use prompts to find out which chatbot performs better.

ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat Vs. Google Bard: Prompt Testing

Let us see how different chatbots answer technical SEO questions.

What are the four technical SEO Factors to Optimize a Website?

ChatGPT response has displayed the following:

Site Speed and Performance:

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Structured Data and Schema Markup
  • Crawlability and Indexability

Bing Chat shows the following responses:

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Site Architecture
  • Website Speed
  • Structured data markup

Bard Response Shows:

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Structured Data
  • Robots.txt

The above prompt shows that each tool display result in different ways. Bing uses fewer words to display results, but ChatGPT and Google Bard display elaborated results. Google Bard and ChatGPT offer better solutions.

Which Chatbot is Better Between ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat?

I have tried different prompts and questions and found that each tool has pros and cons.

Brad is relatively new and still in experimental mode. So it is acceptable that you will find the less relevant response from Bard.

Bing is using sources to display results. The accuracy of the result is based on the source it is used to collect information.

Bing Chat will soon start displaying ads that can cause some issues with user experience.

All chatbots, such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard, are helpful. In the future, these tools will improve and make it easy for the user to decide which tool is better to serve which purpose.


Industry experts are concerned about the risks of AI to humanity and society. Although we are not using self-aware AI, we cannot ignore the threats.

Industry leaders are asking questions to ensure that developer works in creating safe AI tools.

What do you think? Which AI tools are you finding interesting?  

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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