March 24, 2023

Mozilla Open Source AI is coming to challenge Google Bard and OpenAI ChatGPT

Mozilla is investing $30 million to make open-source AI available for users worldwide. With a non-profit Mozilla AI company, users can easily create apps using open-source AI tools.

Mozilla AI will be available at

At Mozilla AI, you will get access to open-source AI. Mozilla AI will be the first of its kind, bringing trustworthiness, transparency, and accountability to AI.

With Open-Source AI, Mozilla plans to increase AI market share and challenge other AI brands such as Microsoft, Google, Opera, and OpenAI.

Note: Most used and popular software are also open-source such as Android, Apache, PHP, WordPress, and Nginx.

Mozilla Open Source AI is coming to challenge Google Bard and OpenAI ChatGPT: eAskme
Mozilla Open Source AI is coming to challenge Google Bard and OpenAI ChatGPT: eAskme


If Mozilla successfully builds open-source AI, it will have the upper hand in the AI industry. The Launch of Mozilla AI will also change the AI future for companies and users.

By building a free, open-source AI, Mozilla wants to challenge brands like Google, OpenAI, etc.

The company has planned to invest $30 million in open-source AI technology.

What Mozilla Wants to Achieve with Free Open-source AI?

Mozilla is a non-profit company that offers Mozilla Firefox Browser, VPN service, eMail private apps,  Email clients, etc.

Mozilla builds everything for users and offers its products for free, focusing on ensuring privacy.

Mozilla’s goals are:

  • Keep the internet open-source and free.
  • Ensure privacy and security.
  • Users can change the future of the internet.
  • Build and promote Open-source and free software.
  • Ensure transparency.
  • Expand benefits for users.

Why Open-source and decentralized AI?

Mozilla wants to create AI which is accessible to every single person for free. With this focus, the company is working to build open-source AI for users.

In the early days, Mozilla will focus on building free and open-source AI like ChatGPT and Google Bard.
Companies also want to ensure that AI ensures privacy and does not steal user information.


Mozilla is building open-source AI to ensure generative AI is safer and more transparent. Moez Draief will lead the open-source Mozilla AI company.

Mozilla will announce additional events, features, and partners in the coming days.

Mozilla and Opera are also working on improving AI features for their users. Social media apps like Snapchat are also using tools like MY AI and LinkedIn offering AI powered features.

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