ChatGPT Users can Export Data and Turn Off Chat History

OpenAI has launched one of the most progressive and popular generative AI, ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that has changed the view of the AI market. It has also raised concerns like privacy and security.

Now, ChatGPT is adding privacy features such as business subscription, chat history deletion, and data export.

ChatGPT allow Users Export Data and Turb Off Chat History: eAskme
ChatGPT allow Users Export Data and Turn Off Chat History: eAskme

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has introduced privacy and user-friendly features to give users more control.

Turn Off Chat History on ChatGPT:

Whatever you do and search on ChatGPT or any other online tool. It always leaves your prints. You can most commonly find the history of your actions performed on the ChatGPT tool.

You can not turn off your chat history to eliminate activity tracking. Disabling chat history in ChatGPT will not collect your data and interactions to train future ChatGPT models.

Before the Chat History turned off the feature, ChatGPT collected your chat History to train the chatbot.
Go to ChatGPT settings, and there you can disable your ChatGPT history.

ChatGPT has also said that after turning off chat history, the tool will not collect your data and interactions to improve its models.

ChatGPT is trying to answer the security concerns with the history Turn off feature.

ChatGPT will keep your conversation data for 30 days to check for abuse. After that period, your history will permanently be deleted from ChatGPT.

If you also do not want to let ChatGPT track your activities, then you should turn off your chat history.

ChatGPT Business Subscription:

ChatGPT Plus is already a premium subscription-based service from OpenAI.

Now, OpenAI is developing a premium subscription service for business professionals.

With a business subscription, ChatGPT will ensure that your data will not be used to train any AI models.

ChatGPT Data Export feature:

ChatGPT allows users to export their data. You can find the data export feature in ChatGPT settings.

Download files that contain your conversations with the ChatGPT tool.


Users and Governments are asking questions about security and safety when AI becomes a game changer.

We all want data security, and generative AI tools like ChatGPT and many other online tools are responsible for ensuring user security and privacy.

ChatGPT is adding many features to ensure that users will find the OpenAI tool safe, secure, and user-friendly. It also gives more control to users and brings transparency.

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