May 13, 2023

Meta Streamlining Ad Processes with AI-Powered Tools!

By Sona Mathews

Meta ads are going to be AI-powered.

Facebook's parent company Meta has launched AI-powered tools to improve business performance and ad campaigns.

When almost every business and brand run after AI-powered features and tools, Meta does not want to stay behind. The company is introducing AI-powered tools to improve ad-creating processes and business performance.

Meta Streamlining Ad Processes with AI-Powered Tools: eAskme
Meta Streamlining Ad Processes with AI-Powered Tools: eAskme

You can find Meta AI-Powered tools in "Meta Advantage Suite."

We are heading to a future where every business process will happen with AI, such as digital marketing or ad creation.

Here is what you must know about Meta's AI-powered tools for the Ad process.

Meta AI Sandbox:

Facebook's business news page has announced that AI Sandbox will be a testing playground for upcoming AI-powered tools and apps.

The company will find out what is happening and what more they need to do to improve the tool's performance before making it available for wider advertisers.

Here are the 3 things you can do with Meta AI Sandbox:

Text Variation:

You will see multiple variations of text that you can use in your ads on Facebook.

Background Generation:

Advertisers can create background images using text.

Image Outcropping:

It will adjust your image for multiple aspect ratios across platforms like Reels and Stories.

Meta Advantage Suite:

If you run ad campaigns on Facebook, you may have already used Meta Advantage.

Meta Advantage is a set of tools to help you easily create ads and manage your ad campaigns. This tool is powered by machine learning and AI.

It personalizes and streamlines the ad process for better results.

With AI-powered tools, the Meta Advantage suite will be more helpful.

You can convert your existing ad campaigns to Advantage+ campaigns with a single click.

Meta is also testing video content in ads for Advantage+.

You can get performance campaign reports to analyze the performance of your ad campaigns.

Enhanced audience targeting is the reason why Advantage+ is popular among advertisers.

Meta Investment in AI and Modeling:

Meta is investing billions of dollars in AI infrastructure. The focus is to build a powerful AI capacity for advertisers.

It is expected to see more AI-powered features on Meta for advertisers.


Meta is strongly committed to using technologies like AI and Metaverse.

With its investments and focus, Meta will add more AI tools and features for users, businesses, and advertisers.

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