March 18, 2023

LinkedIn AI-Powered Features for Job Listings and Optimization!

LinkedIn is now AI-powered.

Tomer Cohen, a LinkedIn Chief Product Officer, has published a post revealing the AI-powered features for LinkedIn users.

With new AI features on LinkedIn, users can write better job summaries, descriptions, and headlines.
Like every other social network, LinkedIn is also trying to harness the power of AI.

LinkedIn's focus is improving user experience by improving job descriptions and professional profiles using AI.

LinkedIn AI-Powered Features for Job Listings and Optimization:

Here is what you must know about LinkedIn AI features and what you can do with them.

LinkedIn AI-Powered Features for Job Listings and Optimization: eAskme
LinkedIn AI-Powered Features for Job Listings and Optimization: eAskme

LinkedIn AI-Powered Profile Headlines and Summaries:

LinkedIn has already rolled out collaborative articles powered by AI. It will help users to create more content and analyze LinkedIn Skills Graph.

Now, LinkedIn users can write professional headlines and summaries using AI features.

LinkedIn AI will analyze your profile, job description, experience, education, skills, etc., to summarize the most influential information in headlines and about sections.

LinkedIn's AI will follow the tone you used on your profile to customize headlines and summaries.

With AI optimization, LinkedIn user profiles get better chances to display for targeted keywords.

Your LinkedIn profile must use relevant keywords, skills, and experience.

Highlight your educational and professional achievements, responsibilities, etc.

LinkedIn AI feature is available for premium subscribers only.

LinkedIn Job Descriptions are AI-powered:

Employers can also optimize job descriptions using AI-powered feature. It will help companies to find suitable candidates for the job.

Use the LinkedIn AI job description generator to write better descriptions with name, title, workplace, location, and job type.

This feature is available in the USA, UK, India, Australia, and Canada.

LinkedIn is offering Free AI Courses till June 15, 2023:

AI is becoming part of every social network, company, and marketer. You must learn AI and improve your LinkedIn skills section.

LinkedIn has launched 100 free AI courses till June 2023.

You can learn the following:

  • Languages
  • Generative AI
  • Machine Learning foundations
  • Advanced AI
  • Applicable AI
  • Responsible AI

How can Free LinkedIn Users use AI to Optimize their profiles?

ChatGPT Plus is a LinkedIn AI alternative that you can use to optimize your LinkedIn profile headings, summary, descriptions, etc.

If you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you can put important information in it to create a LinkedIn profile summary of up to 220 characters.

With ChatGPT+, you can also optimize your company profile, LinkedIn Articles, etc.


Every Social network is interested in AI.

Linkedin's AI feature will help employers and candidates find relevant opportunities.

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