July 25, 2023

Here’s Why You Should Use Anonymous Proxies

Anonymous proxies or anonymizers are tools that work to hide a user’s activities on the internet.

These proxy server computers are a privacy shield and intermediary between the internet and client computers.

The job of anonymous proxies is to access the internet on behalf of a user and shield his information.

These proxies hide the identifying information of the client's computer.

Here’s Why You Should Use Anonymous Proxies: eAskme
Here’s Why You Should Use Anonymous Proxies: eAskme


Anonymous proxies are different from transparent proxies; they permit people to surf the internet while revealing their actual IP address.

The working process:

An anonymous proxy, also known as an anonymizer, does not reveal a user’s personal info to his target website, including his location and IP address.

When people get linked using a proxy server, these servers work similarly to a privacy shield and make their browsing tougher to trace.

However, not every proxy is anonymous, but the anonymity level remains unchanged, and they differ based on the type.

A person might wonder whether or not proxies will turn him anonymous completely.

And the answer to this question is it is dependent on the kind of proxies people have been depending on.

Whenever people request through the HTTP(S) protocol, the header comprises information regarding the IP address and their devices.

Proxies modify the data of the header by various levels as well as levels of anonymity, and they can be classed into three categories; elite, anonymous, and transparent.

The working mechanism of anonymous proxies:

When a person browses the internet, he sends out some information streams. And this piece of information gets monitored online. Additionally, it is used for different purposes.

The advertisement networks use numerous trackers to accumulate information about users to offer them highly relevant and engaging advertisements.

Nonetheless, it is not always the case, as many novice sites track a user’s IP address before delivering various articles based on his location and the sites he habitually visits.

An anonymous proxy works as a middleman when a user browses the internet.

This proxy manages the interaction between the websites he visits and his computer.

So, its job is to record the user as an anonymous visitor. Instead of contacting a website directly, the user’s system sends the request to the anonymous proxy.

And then it sends it to the website. And finally, the user gets the data through the server, and this way, the anonymity of the user remains preserved.

Many nations like China impose several kinds of restrictions on internet use on their citizens.

This country has restricted many well-known social networking sites.

And in this circumstance, anonymous proxies help the citizens.


The huge online world has been developing incessantly to provide people with easy solutions, but many users try to cause issues and harm other people.

And in this situation, many proxy servers seem to be helpful.

People choose one according to their preferences and needs.

They must hunt for the one that offers many choices and astronomical services.

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