October 22, 2019

What is a Proxy and how does it work? Find out what this term means

Famous in the world of computing, the Proxy, as defined by the English/Spanish Dictionary, means something like a proxy. But in the end, what is a proxy? And how does it work?

Well, let's go by parts, let's not accelerate, first let's see a little more. Proxy is the term used to define the intermediary between the user and the server.

But which server?

What are you talking about, let's see, in general terms, all the data you want to have access to on the Internet are provided by a server.

What is a Proxy and how does it work? Find out what this term means: eAskme
What is a Proxy and how does it work? Find out what this term means: eAskme

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And the proxy server fulfills your requests and transfers the data from the Internet to the user sitting in front of the computer.

More or less it would be something like this: a client connects to a proxy server, requesting some service and it is up to the proxy to send the request for the local address to the server, translating and passing the request on to your PC.

For example: John connects to the page nisfe.com, but he does it through a proxy that we will call Juan, so Juan is the one who makes the request to nisfe.com, this way, the page will not know that Miguel was the one who connected to it.

This request can be something like a file, a web page, or any other resource available on another server. And this local machine address cannot be accessed from an external network.

This is why a proxy is very important. Because it connects your computer to an external network such as the Internet. And the proxy represents the identity of your PC on the destination server.

But why is it important?

It is, because it gives you anonymity when you access an external network, in the first place, depending, it also accelerates and improves the performance when surfing the Internet, among other things.

Web Proxy

There is another type of proxy, web proxies.

These are a version that hides your real IP address and allows you to surf anonymously.

Many of these are used in closed networks such as universities and work environments to circumvent the blocking of some Internet sites that block access to social networks and YouTube, which can distract staff but you can bypass that by using pirate proxy.

Open Proxy

Open proxy connections are the most dangerous class and are used by crackers and malicious users.

When one of these users can access a remote computer, it installs a proxy server on it so that it can enter the machine at any time and promote various types of illegality such as scripts that steal bank passwords, fraud involving credit cards and a wide variety of illegal acts.

Proxy Networks

Proxy networks are based on encrypted codes that allow anonymous communication between users.

An example of this type are P2P (peer to peer) networks in which one user connects to another without knowing their identity and exchange files with each other.

These networks are characterized by not allowing control of servers, normal users are providing all content and files.

Certainly, many of these computers are used by malicious people with ulterior motives.

Therefore, it must be borne in mind that any promise of privacy and security is more than rare.

Firewall and proxy

In a general way, they function as a firewall and content filter. Because in a certain way these are a security mechanism to protect your identity and that of your machine by any server.

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