August 12, 2023

Instagram Carousel Music, Add Stickers, Collabs: New Features Launched

Instagram is giving you more ways to become creative. This time, Instagram has launched collaborations, sticker invites for user-generated content, and music for carousels.

With the new music for carousel feature, you can now add music to your images or photos in Instagram Carousels. It will be helpful to create an immersive storytelling experience.

With Collabs, you can invite 3 users to co-host reels, posts, and carousels. And Add your Sticker will let you challenge your followers in reels.

Instagram has Launched New Ways to Add Stickers, Collabs, and Carousel Music.

Instagram has Launched New Ways to Add Stickers, Collabs, and Carousel Music: eAskme
Instagram has Launched New Ways to Add Stickers, Collabs, and Carousel Music: eAskme

Instagram posts, stickers, and extended collaborations are exciting features that increase Instagram content creators’ engagement and followers.

It is also helpful to use user-generated content on Your Instagram account.

With these Instagram features, you can create engaging content, work with other creators, and increase your likes, followers, etc.

How to Add Soundtrack to Your Instagram Photo Carousels?

You can use music in your Instagram carousel posts.

It will improve your storytelling skills. Whether you tell a travel story or showcase your product catalog, adding music will make it enjoyable and increase engagement.

Extended Collaboration on Reels, Posts, and Carousels:

You can invite up to 3 friends to collaborate to create engaging Reels, Videos, and Photo carousels.

Collaborations are best to increase user engagement and connect with a broader audience outside your network.

You can add any public or private Instagram account as a collaborator. Private Instagram accounts can invite collaborators only after starting their posts or reels.

Add Stickers to Join Artists or Creators on Reels:

With Add Stickers, you can invite your followers to participate in challenges. Inviting or challenging Instagram users with maximum followers will be best.

If user-generated content gets the creator’s approval, it will boost engagement and followers.

Instagram and Music:

Instagram is adding more and more music to its library. Music is helping content creators to create emotional and inspiring content.

The Instagram music library will extend to many countries in the coming days.

Instagram has also partnered with Spotify in Brazil and Mexico to list the 50 most popular songs from Instagram Reels on Spotify Reels Music Charts.


Instagram is increasing its feature to make the platform creator-friendly and engaging for users. With the latest features, creators can improve storytelling, Reels, videos, etc.

Collaborations will also help users to expand their reach with other content creators. It will also produce engaging content for the followers.

Social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc., are empowering their video tools and features with more updates to make users spend more time on the platforms.

Have you used music in Reels, videos, or Photos?

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