December 07, 2023

Google Updating Cryptocurrency Advertising Policy For 2024

Google is changing its Cryptocurrency ad policy on January 29, 2024. Advertisers must comply with the new Cryptocurrency Ad policy to avoid ad account termination.

Google has published updates to cryptocurrency and related product policies on
If you want to advertise on Google, follow its policies.

On January 29, 2024, New Cryptocurrency ad policies will take effect for Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts.

If you do not know, "Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts" let investors trade shares. With this, investors can invest in Cryptos without owning them. Users can create crypto investment profiles.

Google Updating Cryptocurrency Advertising Policy For 2024: eAskme
Google Updating Cryptocurrency Advertising Policy For 2024: eAskme

In 2024, Google will update its policy with new requirements and scope for the Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts ads.

To target the United States audience, you must comply with these ad policies. You will also get a Google certification.

But Google's ad policy will apply to advertisers worldwide. 

Advertisers on Google should also follow the local laws when running crypto ads on Google.

For the first time, Google will give a warning; the company can suspend the ad account next time.

It is reported that advertisers will receive a warning seven days before ad account suspension. The advertiser should fix the issue to avoid Google ad account suspension.

If you advertise on Google, you must read this document.

It would help to change your ad strategy according to Google's policies.


Advertisers running PPC ads or any other ad on Google must comply with the policies. Staying in the good books is essential to keep running your ad account.

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