September 15, 2020

Online Gambling in Thailand - Dos and Don’ts

The reason online gambling websites are getting popular among gamblers in Thailand is the thrill of winning the game, not to mention the cash rewards that come after that.

With the pro-longed Covid-19 pandemic and the government's lockdown measures, according to - more than 3.3 million are unemployed and will likely to hit up to 8 million people by the end of 2024 in Thailand.

As 5g88win (เว็บพนัน) discovered that, even though as many people in Thailand become unemployed, many of them are choosing to try their luck at online gambling websites and most of them are doing rather well.

Online Gambling in Thailand 2020 - Dos and Don’ts: eAskme
Online Gambling in Thailand 2024 - Dos and Don’ts: eAskme

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According to, Nearly 60% of Thailand's population gambled or at least tried gambling before and that is a whooping 30 millions Thai people despite government's strict ban on gambling activities.

How huge is the online gambling market?

Business analysts found out that the global online gambling market is estimated to exceed $60 billion by the end of year 2020.

Although the online gambling industry is growing rapidly worldwide today, so are the competitions.

It was reported that more than 3000 online gambling websites were found in Thailand alone despite the ban in the country and a study revealed that Thai gamblers have placed bets more than 20 billion Thai Baht ($640 million) in online casinos in 2019 and sports betting alone generated more than 160 billion Thai Baht ($5 billion) every year.

Thai People & Online Gambling

Gambling, same as prostitution, is illegal in Thailand even in year 2020.

Although gambling is prohibited by Thailand’s government and the punishment is quite severe, it is extremely common for Thai people to gamble and is widely accepted as daily activity in the society.

Surprisingly, Thai women love gambling as much as the men. According to an survey reported in, 60% out of one thousand Thai women admitted that they are active gamblers and had placed bets on online casinos or online progressive slot machines even if it is illegal.

Shockingly, 40% of them were 20 years old or younger and 75% of them had a full time job.

Gambling is widely accepted by Thai people and this mentality makes them highly vulnerable to gambling addiction.

1 out of 3 adults in Thailand had experience in some form of gambling and Thai people are excessive gamblers compared to other countries such as Australia and Singapore.

Many of them viewed the winnings from online gambling as extra income to enjoy a better life and would continue to play and make more money than their fixed pay job.

A great number of Thai gamblers now migrated to online gambling platforms as it is much safer and hardly to be discovered.

You will be disappointed if you are expecting to find a casino or slots arcade in Thailand as it is prohibited to set up such establishments in the country, the gambling law was introduced more than 80 years ago in Thailand and it is hardly to be lifted in the near future.

How to deposit money into online gambling websites from Thai Bank Account?

Although Thailand banks do not associate with online gambling websites and sometimes they block the payments but most of the time it works fine.

You may open bank accounts from any of the following banks to play:

  • Siam Commercial Bank (or ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์ in Thai)
  • Kasikorn Bank (or ธนาคารกสิกรไทย in Thai)
  • Bangkok Bank (or ธนาคารกรุงเทพ in Thai)
  • Krung Thai Bank (or ธนาคารกรุงไทย in Thai)
  • Government Savings Bank (or ธนาคารออมสิน in Thai)
  • Krungsri Bank (or ธนาคารกรุงศรีอยุธยา in Thai)
  • Thanachart Bank (or ธนาคารธนชาต in Thai)
  • TMB Bank (or ธนาคารทหารไทย in Thai)
  • Kiatnakin Bank (or ธนาคารเกียรตินาคิน in Thai)

All the banks as mentioned above are accepted by almost all of the online gambling websites in Thailand.

Top mobile wallet providers in Thailand such as TruePay or LinePay used to be one of the easy ways to deposit to online gambling websites but many discontinued taking payments from these mobile wallets due to its limitation on transactions and the amount it can hold.

What are the famous gambling games in Thailand?

There are three major forms of gambling in Thailand - Football betting (or เว็บบอล in Thai), Online Casinos (or คาสิโน in Thai) and Slot Games (or สล็อตออนไลน์ in Thai).

Top 3 Famous Sportsbook Providers in Thailand:


Top 3 Famous Sportsbook Providers in Thailand: MAXBET (or IBCBET)
IBCBET or now called MAXBET is one of the most successful and leading online sports betting bookmakers especially in Asia countries.

The company was founded in 2008, owned by a Malaysian. MAXBET offers a wide range of sports betting options with attractive odds for every kind of sport event.

Other than soccer, gamblers can also place their bets on sports such as basketball, rugby, baseball, snooker and many more, you name it. MAXBET also allows horse and dog racing betting options.


SBOBET: Top 3 Famous Sportsbook Providers in Thailand:
Just like MAXBET, SBOBET is one of the earliest sports betting platforms in Asia established in 2004. SBOBET is an excellent choice for sport enthusiasts to play their bets.

Similarly, SBOBET takes bets from sport events ranging from football to horse racing.

With strong presence in most of the Asia countries and some European countries, SBOBET offers instant play through their website and can be accessed from any mobile devices, tablets or laptops.


CMD368: Top 3 Famous Sportsbook Providers in Thailand:

CMD368 is a well-known international online bookmaker company founded in 2013 offering live sports betting catered for gamblers from South East Asia countries such as Malaysia, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, especially for the Chinese markets.

Top 10 Famous Online Casino Providers in Thailand:

Top 10 Famous Online Casino Providers in Thailand: eAskme

SA Gaming

A Philippines-based online gambling developer founded in 2009 specializes in live games and multiplayer games.

Sexy Gaming

This company offers hot and sexy live dealers for their live games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and many more.

WM Gaming

WM or Wan Mei Casino is not something new to Asian gamblers, specializes in live games and live poker.


Over 250 games developed with stunning graphics and enhanced gaming experience, the company was rated one of the best graphics and digital music.

Asia Gaming

AG, one of the most innovative live gambling platforms in Asia established in 2012.

Joker Gaming

Joker123 specializes in both online casinos and slots games, popular among the South East Asia countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.


CT855 or now known as King855 is a live gambling games provider in Asia with famous live games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sicbo, Hulu Cock and many more.

Evolution Gaming

Founded in 2006, this company offers live gambling software for the European countries and started gaining popularity in Asia.


One of the pioneers in online gambling software development, founded in 1994 with over 160 casino games and 50 poker rooms.

Pragmatic Play

Founded in 2015, this online casino software developer offers more than 150 casino games in nearly 80 countries.

Top 5 Famous Slot Games Providers in Thailand:


Top 5 Famous Slot Games Providers in Thailand: 918Kiss

918Kiss (or formerly known as SCR888) is one of the most popular online slots games in Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore.

Developed in 2015 by a Malaysian, the company specialized in mobile gambling applications available in both Android and iOS.


Pussy888: Top 5 Famous Slot Games Providers in Thailand:: eAskme

Pussy888 is the online slots game that took South East Asia countries by storm with
their easy gaming experience and remarkable graphics.

The mobile app offers more than 80 slot games playable on both Android and iPhone devices.


Mega888: Top 5 Famous Slot Games Providers in Thailand:: eAskme

One of the biggest online slot games providers that migrated from PC to mobile with more than 100 slot games in their mobile app.

Similar to 918Kiss, Mega888 was also founded by Malaysian.


Joker123: Top 5 Famous Slot Games Providers in Thailand:: eAskme

Another famous online slot games provider originated from Malaysia offering slot games with progressive jackpots.


XE88: Top 5 Famous Slot Games Providers in Thailand:: eAskme

A rising star in online slot games platforms in South East Asia countries with their mobile app downloaded more than one (1) million times since they started in 2018.


With nearly all forms of gambling banned by Thailand’s government, it is safer to avoid visiting betting establishments, stay at home and place your bets with trusted online gambling websites such as 5G88WIN.COM.

The majority of the gamblers have switched their betting activities to online gambling platforms as the Internet is the safest way to take as law enforcement do not break into your house and check your smartphone randomly just to find out if you are gambling online.

Always remember that safety comes first!

If you win a jackpot from slot games or earn big money from online baccarat, make sure to keep it to yourself or only share with someone you really trust, nothing good ever comes from letting people know that you earn extra income illegally from online gambling activities that are banned in Thailand.

Bear in mind that one single tip to the government authority will land you in some serious troubles.

If you gain a decent amount from online gambling activities, be sure to make up some stories to cover yourself if the authority raises suspicion on where that money comes from.

It is important to stay low profile, keep everything to yourself and stay indoors away from unnecessary attention if you decide to get into online gambling in Thailand.

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