February 28, 2024

Meta Label AI Images on Facebook, Threads, and Instagram

Meta is going after AI images. The company has decided to label “AI images” on its social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.

Meta will use Metadata and watermark to label AI images with “AI Info.” This step will help users to identify AI-generated images.

Facebook is working on technologies to identify AI content such as images, audio, and videos.

Meta Label AI Images on Facebook, Threads, and Instagram: eAskme
Meta Label AI Images on Facebook, Threads, and Instagram: eAskme

Facebook is Labeling AI Images:

Facebook News has published an article explaining AI content detection on platforms like Facebook, Threads, and Instagram.

The reason is to help users identify if the image is original or created using AI tools. AI tools are popping like anything. AI images can be misleading. It is necessary to identify if the image is AI-generated or human-made.

Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, said that users want to know the difference between AI and human-made images.

Meta’s AI Feature:

Meta has clearly said that the company will start labeling AI-generated images, videos, and audio.

It is essential to know that the change is happening when elections are about to start in major countries. This will help users identify if the images are generated using AI to influence the users.

Meta will use the following ways to label AI-generated images:

  • Watermarks
  • Metadata
  • Visible markers such as “Ai Info” or “Imagined with AI.”

It is also essential for the quality user experience. Meta has partnered with PAI to develop responsible AI and identify AI images.


Meta and AI both will go hand in hand without causing issues with user experience.

Meta’s announcement to label AI images is the first step to help users identify AI-generated photos or content. It tells the focus of Meta.

How Meta is Labelling AI-Generated Images?

Meta is using a manual system to label AI-generated images with “Imagined by AI.”

The company’s AI detection tools will identify AI content from Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and other major AI platforms like Midjourney.

Meta will also analyze the accounts sharing the majority of AI-generated images during elections.

What Businesses and Social Media Marketers Should Do?

Meta’s announcement to detect AI content will impact the marketers and businesses sharing AI images.

  • Transparency: New AI detection will bring transparency to AI images. Marketers and businesses should declare AI-generated content.
  • What Audience Wants: Marketers should find out if the target audience is interested in AI-generated content or human-made content.
  • Labeling is there: Meta will also label AI-generated videos, audio, and text content in the coming days, weeks, or months.


Marketers and businesses are using AI tools to generate content, images, videos, and audio. However, the responsible use of AI is where the company should focus. Marketers should rely on the ethical use of AI.

Declaring the use of AI tools in the post will help users trust the brand. Meta will also label AI content with watermarks, Metadata, and other labels.

Not only Meta, but YouTube has also cleared that content creators should disclose the AI content and AI tools on YouTube.

Other platforms will also follow this trend and ask content creators to share if the content is generated with AI or human-made.

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