February 23, 2024

How to Become an Expert Journalist Source?

To become an influential journalist source, you need to develop expertise in niche, communication, and assets. Becoming a journalist source will open new opportunities to gain brand exposure.

Factors like views, social shares, likes, and brand scoring play important roles in becoming an expert journalist source.

Journalists always need media sources. Pitching them with influential factors will help gain attention and long-term collaboration.

Tip: Not every journalist is interested in the source you are providing. Yet it is worth the effort if even 1% will reply and become interested.

How to Become an Expert Journalist Source?: eAskme
How to Become an Expert Journalist Source?: eAskme

How to Become an Expert Journalist Source?

According to Cision, 50% of online journalists are looking for influential sources. You must act fast to write and publish to become a valuable source for current news events.

The faster you work on your expertise, the better the expert source you will become.

Ask yourself why a journalist should trust your source.

Here are the questions that a journalist needs to answer before trusting a new source:

  • How do you find the expertise of the source?
  • How do you display journalist expertise?
  • How does the source improve journalists' influence?
  • How to find out if the source is an expert?

After knowing the expertise, the next step is to check the experience in the niche or industry.

Check the following points:

Expert knowledge in the field or topic with real-time experience.

Have influential assets like research papers, reputation, influence, and recognition.

Adapt and change with feedback to make valuable contributions.

Improve with teaching to effectively communicate with journalists or expert sources.

Use this expert source tool for evaluation and planning.

With the help of this tool, you can identify the experience and expertise of a company or SMEs. It is not like competitor analysis but a human tool to check the expertise and experience.

Now, what you should do is:

  • Choose an expert or company.
  • Identify expertise.
  • Find out the proof of each expertise.
  • Rate them from 0 to 5.

Now, each expertise has a different value. Yet, with this tool and rating system, you get a clear picture of the source's experience and expertise in the field.

Understand each criterion of the "Expert Valuation Workbook" here.

Start with specifying expertise fields:

There are two fields of expertise in "Expert Evaluation Workbook." The two fields can be used to find expert fields in one and general fields in the second.

This is the area where you can target experts according to different expertise and scale, such as:

  • General expertise.
  • Specialization in the niche.
  • Better authority in the niche.
  • Popular in the field.
  • Expert in the niche.

After putting the fields in the tool, the next step is to test expert Knowledge.

Proven Expert Knowledge:

Proven Expert Knowledge is the section where the journalist can find your expertise. Or You can find the expertise of the source. After working for a long time in the industry, one can become an expert with experience, practice, and skills.

Experts can also find a unique way to complete tasks and share knowledge.

Expert's Depth of Knowledge:

Journalists trust expert sources based on the depth of their knowledge. Are you a subject matter expert in the field? Do you have relevant experience and skills?

Here is how you can evaluate the expert knowledge depth:

  1. Understanding of fundamentals.
  2. Understanding of multiple factors.
  3. Creative knowledge of multiple topics.
  4. Deep knowledge of most topics.
  5. Expert knowledge of the entire niche.

Implementing what you have learned from your experience will help you get better day by day.

Practice and Experience:

Journalist sources are experts with quality experience. To gain practical experience, it is necessary to have patience and practice as much as you can.

Your ten years of experience can be better than someone's 10,000 hours of experience. It is easy to measure in years.

More experience gets a better rating in the expert evaluation tool.

After measuring the experience, the next factor is to measure the skills.

Skills Demonstration:

Journalists trust individuals and companies that can demonstrate their expertise. They look for case studies, projects, and other sources where you have displayed the skills.

Rate the Skills Demonstration from 1-5 based on the following:

  1. Couple of Examples
  2. Basic examples
  3. Noteworthy examples
  4. Numerous examples
  5. Countless examples

Journalist Source with Influential Assets:

When other industry experts recognize you, your work, or your expertise, then it will become solid proof of your authority.

For example, the publisher of the What is Strategy article received multiple citations for his article because of the content that he has written.

How do we detect influential assets?

  • Published research.
  • Multiple citations.
  • Expert recognition by other industry leaders.

Published Research:

Getting your research published in news sites, channels, journals, and blogs is the way to display expertise.

It takes time and effort to research something and then get your research published on popular platforms.

The best is to publish case study reviews.

Rating for Research publication:

  1. Zero research has been published.
  2. A couple of research published.
  3. Few research has been published.
  4. Notable number of research published.
  5. The expert author published the research.

The more research gets published, the more reputation the expert source will earn.

Multiple Citations:

Maximum citations are necessary to establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

Your research must get published and cited on different news sites. Experts should talk about or mention your research. A massive number of client testimonials will also work here.

How to rank citations:

  1. Rarely cited.
  2. A couple of citations
  3. Few citations
  4. Multiple citations
  5. Numerous citations.

To get maximum citations, it is a must to influence the industry.

Expert Recognition:

The more industry experts mention your research, the better influence you will have on the industry. It is necessary that others should follow your way of doing things. Another thing is to get more and more mentions, citations, and followers.

Here, the number of followers has less significance. The focus should be on influence.

How do you score expert sources for journalists based on influence?

  1. No influence
  2. Less influence
  3. Some influence
  4. Influence on community.
  5. Large influence

Adapt and Change:

Even if you learn from experts, you need to find your way of doing things with better results.

Here are the ways to rank an expert:

  • Learned from innovation.
  • Feedback and Adaptability
  • Unique contributions.

Learned from innovation:

Learning from feedback is the skill of an expert. You can also learn from experiments and A/B testing.

How to rank experts based on innovation and learning:

  1. Lack of updating.
  2. Rarely skill improvement.
  3. Self-learning
  4. Learning from seminars and courses.
  5. Continuous learning.

Learn from Feedback:

Test your knowledge by applying it in real-world situations. Ask for feedback, improve, and test again.

Here is how to score based on feedback.

  1. No Feedback.
  2. I rarely get feedback.
  3. Usually getting feedback.
  4. Asking for feedback.
  5. Learning from feedback.

Unique Contribution:

Make unique but significant contributions that grab the attention of industry experts.

Here is how to score contributions.

  1. Zero contribution
  2. Little contribution
  3. Few contributions
  4. Multiple contributions
  5. Expert-level contribution.

Improve with teaching:

Improving teaching is an influential way to become an expert in the field. Quora is the right example.
Here are the three factors responsible for becoming an expert in teaching:

  • Teach or Mentor.
  • Consult or solve problems.
  • Effective communication.

Teach of Mentor:

Experts are using platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc., to display their knowledge and skills. In other ways, they are also building authority, brand value, trust, and backlinks.

The more you help others on the question-answer platforms, the more you get engagement and trust.

Here is how to score expert based on teaching:

  1. Never mentor or teach.
  2. Teaches a couple of times.
  3. Mentor online with courses.
  4. Regular teacher.
  5. Expert mentor in the industry.

Consult or Solve Problem:

Solve real-time issues. It helps you become an expert in the field in less time. People who get solutions will talk about the mentor and mention them in their posts.

Experts who answer questions and provide real-world solutions are often regarded as industry leaders.

Here is how to score expert based on problem-solving and consultation:

  1. Lack of solution
  2. Solve basic issues.
  3. Solve real-world problems.
  4. Innovative solutions.
  5. Expert-level solution.

Effective Communication:

Effective communication is the key to becoming a subject matter expert. The solution you are providing should be easy to follow.

People who get advice from you will test that in real-world situations. If your communication is not clear, then it will become difficult for others to understand your solutions.

How to score expert based on effective communication:

  1. Lack of communication.
  2. Basic communication.
  3. Clear communication.
  4. Communicate solutions to complex problems.
  5. Expert-level communication.

How do you identify and develop your expertise to become a journalist source?

With the help of this expert evaluation tool, you can enhance communication and display your expertise.

Identify your expertise and start working on increasing the impact. Connect with industry experts and offer your solution. The more they find your helpful consultation, the more they address you in their communications and publications.

It is a way to grow in an online world where experts come and go in minutes.


To find yourself in the good books of journalists, it is necessary to build authority, increase citations, and get recognition from industry leaders.

Follow the above points to find out what your expertise is and how you can harness it to become a journalist resource.

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