November 01, 2017

7 Reasons Solo Bloggers Outperform Company Bloggers in Influence

By Sona Mathews
The most significant struggle of working with business bloggers is to establish thought leadership or gain influence in the niche.

Content marketing report of B2B said that top 3 content marketing goals include thought leadership and proves its priority.

If you have asked someone about the name of the blogs that you should follow, then you must have received the similar type of reply with the name of solo bloggers rather than the name of company blogs.

7 Reasons Solo Bloggers Outperform Company Bloggers in Influence: eAskme
7 Reasons Solo Bloggers Outperform Company Bloggers in Influence: eAskme

It has been observed that individual bloggers can easily outperform company bloggers even when companies have more blogging staff and budget.

Now the question is, how solo influencers can grow audience and compete with the company bloggers even when individual bloggers have the lesser budget and fewer resources.

The next question you may ask, how blogging corporations can increase their influence?

1) Solo Bloggers are more Entrepreneurial:

7 Reasons Solo Bloggers Outperform Company Bloggers in Influence: eAskme

A significant difference between solo bloggers and business bloggers is that only bloggers have their ambition and follow their path.

They enjoy the freedom of being independent and are easily able to make more money blogging.

They are usually self-motivated to work harder and for long hours rather than bloggers working in companies.

Income and time to work with company bloggers are always fixed. They do not put maximum efforts as compared to solo bloggers.

There is still a fundamental difference between the solo blogger and company blogger.

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Solo bloggers tend to take responsibility for their content and do more research to generate engaging and shareable content, but company bloggers are focused on writing content.

Company bloggers only work to create more and more content, but solo bloggers can share their own experience.

Now the question is, how can company bloggers can compete with entrepreneurial solo bloggers?

Individual bloggers are giving fierce competition to company bloggers as they are self-motivated and work more extended hours.

What companies should do to compete with solo bloggers?

  •     Hire self-motivated people
  •     Encourage writers to invest in education
  •     Improve communication between company bloggers and the company.

2) Focus on building relationships:

Single bloggers are more focused on making relationships than company bloggers. Usually, company bloggers ignore the importance of broader connection and networking.

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Collaboration with influential bloggers and forming strong relationships help a solo blogger to become a successful entrepreneur.

But in a company, bloggers complain about additional jobs where they are asked to become more social.

What companies should do?

  •     Companies should educate bloggers about the importance of networking. 
  •     Train bloggers about how to engage with other bloggers.
  •     Network with people who want to grow their brand.

3) Company Bloggers ignore self-disclosure:

Self-disclosure is a great way to build trust. Individual bloggers usually write self-disclosure on their about us page. This helps them to quickly make empathy and trust.

Companies never encourage bloggers working in the organization to self-disclose.

Bloggers working in corporations are focused on problem-solving and offering information.

You can ignore storytelling or be too open, but you cannot overlook the importance of self-disclosure.

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What should companies do?

  •     Hire bloggers that can write emotional content.
  •     Appreciate self-disclosure to form a secure connection with readers.

4) Different Compensation Structures of Company Blogger and Solo Bloggers

There are various compensation and rewards for company bloggers and solo bloggers.

Solo bloggers work harder and invest more time to create content that is engaging and evergreen.

Evergreen and unique content adds value to the reader's experience will help you to generate more sales.

Company bloggers are salaried bloggers.

How can companies motivate bloggers to produce quality content?

  •     Add additional rewards and ways to compensate bloggers.
  •     Praise and recognition work the best to drive a blogger.

5) Mind game:

Solo bloggers are focused on long-term goals. Long-term content marketing strategies are always helpful.

Solo bloggers understand this that they have to invest for the long run, but bloggers working in companies are not able to realize that some activities will pay off in the long term.

Solo bloggers keep improving and blogging till they succeed.

What companies should do to compete with solo bloggers?

6) Experience in Blogging:

Companies mostly fail to hire an influencer who already has experience in blogging. Because of the people, who already have experience in blogging, start their own blogging business and make it difficult for companies to hire them.

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Recommendation: Hire blogger before he becomes influential.

Find out the steps that make a blogger influencer and find the bloggers who are taking those steps.

7) Personal Branding:

Many blogging companies discourage personal branding, which hurt them. Personal branding is helpful to grow the company influence as well.

For example; eAskme is a well-known blog, and Gaurav Kumar is also famous as the founder of and most influential content creator. He publishes content related to blogging, SEO, internet marketing, startup business, etc.

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He also speaks at private blogging conferences. This helps build trust for eAskme and personal branding for him.

Final Words:

This is the era of influencer content marketing.

Create the critical content to help your business to grow like anything.

Solo bloggers always focus on their niche and pay close attention to even small things.

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