November 09, 2023

What Is a Local Link and How to Find Local Link Opportunities [Explained Everything]

Is your local business starving for links? Businesses need to learn how to run local link building campaigns.

Backlinks or inbound links are important to improve your blog or website rankings.

What Is a Local Link & How to Find More Local Link Opportunities: eAskme
What Is a Local Link and How to Find Local Link Building Opportunities: eAskme

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Whether you are running overseas businesses or local services, you always need local links to rank better.

But how to find local links for local businesses?

Today, I will show you how you can start your local link building campaign for more links.

What is Local Links?

Before you start your local link building campaign, the first thing is to understand what a local link is?

Most of the link building campaigns run around the high authority domains to earn backlinks for the website, and you also want them.

But, one path cannot be the best for every small or mid-size business.

Your focus should be on building targeted links for your local business.

The intention behind local links is to build relevant links for a local business website.

Local SEO experts focus on;

With the help of the following actions, you can establish a local presence in search results for local queries.

Businesses tend to use geo-targeted keywords for this purpose.

A local link bring you two things;

  • A link back
  • Connect with the local audience.

It is quite common that the sites dominating the local market are not highly authoritative.

It means that links from a small website with better influence can help your local business grow.

Sometimes the links from influential local sites are more important than what you earn from sites like New York Times, HuffPost, Forbes, etc.

Your local links or local listings will also help to earn feedback and star ratings.

A local business can only get the benefit of the links if they are coming from local sites.


Listing your business on Google My Business, placing the link in general directories and fixing citation errors is what you need to start with.

You will be placing your NAP information on various sites with the link back to your website. But only choose the sites that are not spammy.

Citations will help you list business in front of maximum people on multiple sites without being noisy.

The most popular citation building services are:

  • Moz local
  • Yext

Citation sites can change according to the country or city your business is in.

Grab Maximum Opportunities:

It is a common feeling that local links are not natural and not beneficial.

But this is the time when you think about being creative when listing your business rather than spamming directories.

When you are trying to rank for the hyper-local keyword, you will get fewer link building opportunities.

For example; if you have a local dine-in business and you are wondering who will link back to your website, then go for these;

  • Target local media and newspapers that feature similar services.
  • Make local bloggers write and review your business.
  • Get inside the local event pages.
  • Local charities with features volunteer’s page.
  • The opportunities are endless.
  • All you need is to open your eyes and look around you.
  • When doing Local SEO, you must understand the limits of your space.
  • Promote the business within a certain radius.

Find Local Link Building Opportunities:

You can use the tools like Ahrefs to find local link building opportunities.

Before you start targeting prospects, understand the type and location of your business.

Also, please find out how difficult it can be to rank for local keywords.

  • First, target the keywords and queries that are the most beneficial for your business.
  • Next, check who is ranking for these keywords.
  • Make the list of websites and do competition research.
  • Find the mutual and different links among these sites.
  • Compare the link profile with your website.
  • Get rid of duplicate links.
  • Target links that your competitors have, but you don’t.

Do it, and you will earn the maximum links that your competitors have earned.

How to Find Link Building Opportunities?

You want to earn more links than your competitors.

With the little research, you will find the sites linking back to your competitors. Some of these sites can be the easy target.

To find the best competitor for your business, you can check the sites like Yelp. Go there and find the most reviewed local business.

You will find some sites have all sort of links from all type of sources.

Target those links to earn more and better links than your competitors.


The complete idea behind building local links is to find the super value connections.

Use these connections to build links in the local area and improve the name of your brand.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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