April 30, 2024

WordPress Annual Survey Reports: WordPress Loosing Popularity

WordPress has published the Annual Survey Results 2023, and the report is shocking. Bloggers claimed for a long time that WordPress is the best platform to host blogs or business websites. Yet a recent survey discloses the fact that 63% of users believe in WordPress as a good or better platform. In 2022, that percentage was 68%. Now, this shows the decline in WordPress popularity and rising frustration among WordPress users.

But why is it happening?

Let's dig into more details of WordPress Annual Survey Reports to understand the situation.

WordPress Annual Survey Reports 2023 Claims WordPress Loosing Popularity: eAskme
WordPress Annual Survey Reports 2023 Claims WordPress Loosing Popularity: eAskme

WordPress Annual Survey Reports 2023:

Since 2015, WordPress has been releasing Annual Survey Reports every year. The purpose of the WordPress Annual Survey is to collect user feedback to improve WordPress and its features.

In 2015, 45995 users submitted their responses to the annual survey. In 2023, that count dropped to 3,922 submissions.

Yet, the Survey completion rate increased. It was 58% in 2021, 63% in 2022, and 79% in 2023.
Increased publicity of the WordPress Annual Survey is the reason why more interested users have completed submissions.

WordPress Annual Survey Reports published in different languages such as:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Persian
  • Armenian.

WordPress has discontinued the Italian language from the survey.

There were 32 questions in WordPress Annual Survey Reports.

Here is what you must know from "WordPress Annual Survey Reports."

60% of Publishers are Using the Gutenberg Editor:

WordPress Annual Survey Reports that 39.9% of users are using Gutenberg Editor. And 19.9% of users are using both Classic and Gutenberg Editor.

In total, 60% of publishers are now using the default WordPress Editor, Gutenberg.

The number of Gutenberg users has increased, but at the same time, users are feeling less confident in this feature.

Third-party WordPress editors are also popular. The most popular third-party editor is Classic Editor.

Gutenberg Introduced in 2022 with WordPress 6.4.3. The number of Gutenberg users has increased, but the number of dissatisfied Gutenberg users is also rising.

Which WordPress Editor Meets Publisher Needs?

In this question, only 45% of published have displayed interest in the default WordPress editor.

29% of users have chosen to disagree and strongly disagree as answers. 26% of users stayed neutral.

In other words, 55% of users have not submitted their answer to the question of whether WordPress editor meets their needs.

Fewer Users Believe WordPress a Good Ad or Better than Other CMSs:

WordPress is not the only CMS for building websites. In 2022, 68% of users agreed that WordPress was as good as or better than other CMSs.

But in 2023, that number dropped to 63%.

13% of users disagreed that WordPress is better, and 24% stayed neutral.

What's the Most Frustrating Thing About WordPress?

In answer to this question, users displayed their frustration with using the WordPress platform and its features.

  • 18.6% of publishers reported that "Too Many Plugins" in WordPress are frustrating.
  • 17% of users chose the site editing experience as the most frustrating on WordPress.
  • 16.4% of users chose WordPress security as the most frustrating.
  • 16.2% of users chose the Performance of WordPress as the most frustrating.

Publishers also answered where WordPress should improve this year.

Areas WordPress that Need More Attention:

  • 18.6% Performance
  • 17.7% Security
  • 15.7% Developer Resources
  • 13.6% Design/UI
  • 13.3% Core Functionality/stability

Why are WordPress Users Frustrated?

WordPress is losing user satisfaction. The reason is the availability of other platforms like Duda and Wik that claim to have better performance.

Third-party apps are also killing the popularity of default WordPress editors and builders, such as:

Third-party website builders are making it super easy to build WordPress websites.

Fewer users believe the best things about WordPress.

What Are the Best Things About WordPress?

There is a massive decline in "Ease of Use," "Flexibility," "Cost," "Block Themes," and "Plugin Options."

Ease of Use:

In 2022, WordPress's ease of use was 32%. In 2023, it dropped to 21.7%. There is a 32% drop.


In 2022, WordPress flexibility was 31%. In 2023, it dropped to 18.5%. There is a 40% drop.


In 2022, WordPress's cost was 10%. In 2023, it dropped to 5.3%. There is a 47% drop.

Plugin Options:

In 2022, WordPress's cost Plugin Options 30%. In 2023, it dropped to 25.8%. There is a 14% drop.

WordPress and the Future of the CMS:

Since 2022, WordPress's popularity has been falling. The significant reasons are ad performance, ease of use, and better competitors.

In 2023, WordPress's market share was 43.3%, which dropped to 43.2% in 2023.

On the other hand, WIC popularity is on the rise. Wix market share was 2.5% in 2023. In 2024, it increased 2.6%. Shopify popularity also risen from 3.8% to 4.3%.

WordPress has a history of taking user feedback and improving its platform.

It is expected that WordPress developers will take the feedback seriously and fix the issues.


WordPress Annual Survey Reports 2023 explain the rising frustration and areas where WordPress should work to improve. Now, it is for WordPress developers to fix the issues and make WordPress better than its competitors.

Check the complete WordPress Annual Survey Report 2023 here.

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