March 26, 2020

Why it is Better not to Host a WordPress Website for Free?

When setting up the WordPress site for a scratch, some of us would go for a recommended WordPress host, while some will consider a free WordPress host.

And here also goes InterServer hosting service, which offers different plans for WordPress hosting. Here you can find all of its features. After all, gives an open plan, so why not choose Is that right? Well, Not at all.

Why it is Better not to Host a WordPress Website for Free: eAskme
Why it is Better not to Host a WordPress Website for Free: eAskme

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Let’s get this one thing well and clear.

Today, there are less free WordPress hosts that work.

However, the risks related to a free host are surely not worth any in the end.

This article will tell you why it is so.

We’ll explore the everyday dangers of using a free WordPress host and commend some free alternatives.

Sounds great?

Let’s get to it.

But just before we delve in, here is a disclaimer;

Not all free hosts will experience these issues, but nearly all of them are more likely to have at least some small problems.

1.  There are huge security risks in a Free WordPress Host

Free WordPress hosts do not have the funds to hire inhouse security and network engineers.

With substandard firewall and insufficient security countermeasures, a free host is at risk from external network attacks.

And because there are no barriers to a free WordPress host (not even a single credit card is needed, not yet a simple sign up procedure), malicious users, with evil intentions could simply sign up for a free hosting account.

Because your WordPress installation stays on the same server, you will always be very vulnerable to internal attacks.

The most devastating attacks are the quiet ones – the ones whose reality is unknown until when they just pop up.

Let me show you how this happens:

Think of a modernized malware that lives secretly in your site, and also gets supported in the scheduled WordPress backup process.

When the time is ripe, the malware strikes hard.

It could occur when you have put together a considerable number of newsletter subscribers, or oh, God forbid, when you already have to pay customers in your big online store.

The malware takes away your customers’ data (including their login information) and uses it to do numerous malicious purposes.

If any customer uses the same password on any other website, the impact is even more than worse.

2. Performance Issues

We know for sure that shared WordPress hosts have substantial performance issues, especially when there’s the usual traffic spikes or someone misusing the widely shared server’s resources.

Now think of the case with these free hosts, where absolutely everyone can get an account without having to spend a single dime.

There’s a vast possibility that your currently preferred WordPress site is going to experience occasional downtime and inferior overall performance.

3. Meager Server Resources

Free hosts typically don’t have a budget! And you’ll struggle with low disk space (hardly enough to install your required WordPress plugins), very little bandwidth, and small maximum file upload size.

Due to these predicaments, you’ll be unable to upload the most critical media file and those large images.

And because you are on a free plan, you can’t complain.

You’ll have to swallow this bitter pill and deal with your issues the best way you know.

These free hosts have a funny model where you’re charged an unreasonable amount of money to allow you to assess increased disk space or FTP upgrade.

5. Very little or No Customer Support

Let’s face it guys:  you are not entitled to any customer support if you are hosted for free.

In case you encounter issues with your site and reach out to them but get no relief, let them be.

You can only go that far. That’s the most you can do so let them be.

6. Irreversible and Inevitable termination of the service

Many free WordPress blogs have been around for a couple of years.

A recent study conducted by a free WordPress host truly worked for several websites.

The bad news is that from last year (2019) 2 of the four hosts have vanished.

They’re no longer in business.

You know what? I’m not surprised at all.

So there’s a chance that one day you would wake up only to find that your free word press host disappeared suddenly without communication or any sort of warning.

And the most painful aspect of it is that you don’t know if they will ever come back.

The only chance you have of restoring your site is if you have a full WordPress backup stored remotely.

7. WordPress Emails and Contact Forms doesn’t Work

One big problem with free hosts is abysmal delivery, that’s: they are not able to send emails from the server’s host.

Because anyone is free to sign up for an account, evil people then use these servers to send sperm messages to people in droves; thus, free host’s IPs are blocked the dominant email providers making any emails coming from these IPs be sent to spam folders automatically

It is the reason why most free hosts disable the capability to send any email from their servers, or, if they can at all, the chances of these emails finding their way into your inbox are minimal.

That’s WordPress system emails like your request to reset your email password don’t get to your inbox.

Once you are blocked, that would be the final nail in the SEO coffin.

You can bid that site goodbye!

Your only option would be to start again with a new domain and (hopefully) a paid WordPress host.

Difficult Migration and Inflated upsells

The only authorized methods of hosts to make money is through upsells.

They charge exorbitantly for minor upgrades such as increased disk space transfer bandwidth.

Finally, when you decide to migrate your website from the free host, they can make the migration process complicated.

Most people consider choosing a free host because they’re making attempts at their hobbies, and aren’t quite sure how long the project will take.

They don’t feel the need to have a paid plan.

Which will even have the best schema markup plugin for your blog. but you can also try the alternative like free

Wrap up

Summarily, you’ll save nothing with a free word press host.

You’ll spend a lot of time fixing issues arising from the s performance, security issues and overall reliability.

There are no freebies in this life.

Cheap is always expensive.

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