June 19, 2024

Is Google Adsense a Google Ranking Factor or Not?

Have you ever used Google Adsense? Is your website monetized with Adsense? Do you use Adsense to influence organic ranking? Can Google Adsense influence rankings?

These are the questions that I am answering today.

Webmasters and marketers are using Google Adsense. Let’s understand everything about Google Adsense.

Is Google Adsense a Google Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is Google Adsense a Google Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of Google's many products. It is a platform that helps bloggers and webmasters monetize their sites with contextual ads. While publishers monetize their content with Adsense, some believe that Adsense approval also helps increase Google ranking.

If you are also one of those, then this post is a myth buster for you.

Who do you believe that Adsense can influence Google Ranking? Can Adsense impact your rankings?

The most common belief is that Google sends traffic to sites monetized with Adsense. There is a belief that Google favors its products and services in search results.

The more traffic Google sends to Adsense monetized sites, the more revenue Google generates from ad views and clicks.

But can a company like Google follow such practices?

Another group of people believe that Adsense ads can negatively impact search rankings.
Let’s find out everything.

Claim: Google Adsense is a Google Ranking Factor

Let’s go through every claim.

Adsense Improve Search Ranking:

According to this theory, Adsense monetization improves search ranking. It enhances the revenue and organic ranking. Google sends more traffic to Adsense-optimized sites to generate more revenue.

Adsense is a Google product, and Google favors its products in organic traffic.

People believe in this theory because they do not trust Google’s ranking signals. Google’s reputation is always at stake due to antitrust lawsuits filed in Europe. There are also open investigations into Google's alleged business practices.

Google is said to Be ranking its products and services over other businesses in search. The Department of Justice is also tracking Google’s behavior.

Google always said it does not follow any malicious practices.

Adsense is Bad for Ranking:

Another claim is that Google ads can decrease organic ranking.

Too many ads are never suitable for user-experience. Bad user experience led to the loss of organic ranking.

Google's focus is on improving user experience. Ads from Adsense and any other network can create issues with this.

Evidence: Google Adsense Is a Google Search Ranking Factor

Google confirmed that Google Adsense does not impact search engine ranking.

Nd, it is true. My sites have been ranking well even when I am not using Adsense on many of them. Google is not against content monetization, yet it should not bother visitors.

You should not pursue Adsense, believing that it can improve your search engine ranking. Other factors, such as content quality, user experience, and branding, can help you improve your rankings.

Too many ads on your platform can negatively impact your ranking.

Conclusion: Google Adsense is a Google Search Ranking Factor

Google Adsense is not a ranking factor. It is just a way to monetize your website or make money with blogging.

Adsense ads work as any other ads. Too many ads can damage user experience and lower your ranking.

Always follow the best practices when monetizing your website or optimizing your blog for Google search.

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